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    Hi I'm looking to sell my tau army and I was wondering if you people could give me a good estimate on how much I should sell it for. Heres what I have:

    4 Crisis Battle Suits
    1 Hammer Head Gunship
    1 Devilfish
    8 Pathfinders
    1 Piranha
    7 Gun Drones
    18 Fire Warriors
    8 Kroot Carnivores

    All of these models are not painted very well. I just never liked them enough to fix them up (They were my first army when I was a noob painter)

    I took the prices of the models from Games Workshop and I basically cut them in half and I've calculated that it would cost 154$ for them all. And for like 6 fire warriors instead of 12 I cut the GW's Price in half and then in half again to make it fair.

    Heres how I calculated:
    40$ for 4 Crisis
    25$ for 16 Fire Warriors
    8$ for 8 Kroot
    17$ for Devilfish
    7$ for 7 Gun Drones
    10$ for Piranha
    12$ for 9 Pathfinders
    10$ for Stealth Suits
    25$ for Hammerhead

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    @ nirk: Please list this in the Trader Zone if you wish to sell.

    If anyone wishes to correspond with/advise nirk on this issue please do so via PM.


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