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    The foundings of a Waaagh...

    Well, starting up Orks, I have been toying about with lists for the past wee while. However I have run into a problem. I want a tide of green, but I simply cant fit all I want into 1500. My army I want to be hordeish. Not all out boyz spam, but 100+ models.

    I have heard many great stories about Lootaz. So they are in. Along with Meganobz, as I have always liked them. Then Trukks seem great, so they are another one. Finally, I would like to fit in Killa Kanz (having experienced how ard they are myself).

    Fitting all this in, with a KFF and Warboss, seems quite difficult. So could you people tell me what is mandatory in an Ork army? Some tips would be nice too =)

    Modelwise I have 40 orks at the moment, with 1 nob with powerklaw. Sluggaz and Choppaz. Not sure about Shootaz yet, would rather run.

    Thanks in advance



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    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    One word: 4 Troops...oh wait

    The secret to good ork armies, and all 40k armies, is plenty of troops.

    Regardless of what type of army you want to use, I'd definitely use at least four troop choices (Deff dreads don't count), even if one of them is simply a unit of 12-16 grotts and runtherder, just for claiming objectives. In 4th edition you could get away with elite armies, but in 5th edition you need troops in order to claim objectives effectively.

    A good horde army definitely needs a big mek with a kustom force field. You'll be torn apart by template weapons if you don't have one. A long line of orks or grotts across the front of your army also works, but the KFF will also protect you against barrage weapons, which ignore intervening terrain/models.

    Lootas are also fantastic, but it's easy to go overboard with them. I think the optimum size is 13, but 10 can also work. Lootas are great for taking out weak infantry and light vehicles, and pound for pound the best unit in the ork army, all things considered. I usually only use one unit of 10-13. If you don't have enough loota models, you can add 1-3 meks w/big shootas, just to get the model count up. Never use any less than 9 lootas in a unit. They die too easily that way.

    For the units of boyz, I'd use full 30 boyz units with a nob, powerklaw and bosspole. If you're using shoota boyz, I'd also add 3 big shootas to the group, to make them more versatile. I usually use 2 units of slugga boyz and 1-2 units of shoota boyz in most of my horde lists, depending on the point value.

    With a KFF, a large team of lootas (kept in cover), 3-4 units of 30 boyz, and an optional unit of grotts, you have a nice horde army started.

    If you've got the extra points, 9-13 kommandos w/2 burnas, and a nob w/powerklaw and bosspole also work well. Snikkrot is also effective, but his lack of a bosspole hurts the unit's survivability.

    Killa Kans are also very effective, especially when they use kustom mega blastas, but I wouldn't buy these retail. I'd make some out of barrels from terrain sets, and extra bits. The metal ones cost far too much.

    If you're planning to get the Blackreach set, then 5 deffkoptas with big shootas or rokkits, outflanking the enemy, can be very good at taking out armor.

    Meganobz work well, but I'd keep them in reserve, in a trukk with a ram, and a warboss w/mega armor, cybork and bosspole attached. The trukk gives them speed and the warboss helps them survive. You want them in cover because a single trukk won't last long. If they're in reserve, they'll be guaranteed at least one full move towards the enemy.

    Well, that's all I can think of. Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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