Im sure a lot of you went into GW on the day of the black reach box coming out.
I personaly had a gr8 time bying the box set which i got 2 nobz the space marinefor free and swaped captain and 5 marines for 5 nobz ending me up with plenty of space marines and 12 nobz!!!

At the shop were i went to there was tones of people trading with a table devoted to building the box set.

Some 1 maneged to get from 1 box set 8 deffopters 10 nobz 2 warbosses 48 ork boyz

1 person got hold of 15 defkopters and loads of ork boyz.

We also have black reach bucks which at the end of the day they auctioned of all sorts of old box sets such as 3 chaos terms boxes (metal) 30 marines from battle for marcrage a £100 elder box set 1 empty black reach box and all sorts of other stuff.

We got the bucks from bying the box and taking part in special games during the day.

I played in a defkopter suicide mission were we had a cannion with a lots of space marines with missle launchers on the sides and the defkopter who destroyed the hut at
the far end of the table won.

Of cource there was friendly fire however the defkopters moved 6 +d6 and all range of weapons was 12 inches with the defkopters getting a 5+invun.

In the end the marines won. i manged to get to the end but as a rolled to hit the hut i missed so BOOOM went my defkopter from a missle which ment we lost.

However all my team mates got 10 black reach bucks exept for me because i betrayed them all (still in a good mood though)

i am converting my nobz as we speak and feel free to post about the black reach box-set, good deals from trading and what u did on the day aswell as any conversion ideas for the modal in the set.