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    Where does the Shadow Field go?

    In the past I have often run armies with multiple lords, generally one with a unit of incubi for cutting up basic troops and then generally a wych with agonizer who would hunt down close combat ICs and big gribblies.

    When I first started 5th edition the few extra warrior squads meant the wych was being left at home since I didn't really want solo ICs anymore but now I've decided to try running a lord with incubi and a second attached to a bike squad.

    Which leaves me wondering where the shadowfield should go for my lords.

    In the past the IC wych lord would get it because the lord with retinue had a handful of 3+ saves to get through before he was at risk and the wych was often in places other people in the army werent, and then when I cut back to a single lord he was getting it and that was working.

    But now I'm going to have to leave one lord without one and that guy will have to run the risk of copping any decent amount of fire and being on a 5+ save against it, 7 bolter wounds is enough to force an unsavable wound onto the lord with incubi, the bike one will probably be the same.

    Anyone else tried running 2 lords lately, how did they cope with the new wounding?

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    The shadow field should go on the Lord with the bike. No questions asked.

    Your other lord should be cheap and in combat, if it is not in combat then you have done something wrong along the way, and why prepare for that. Worst comes to worst and you end a combat in your turn then run for cover with the consolidate move.
    Also that lord should be cheap as really it is just a way to get incubi in your list, you don't need any more hitting power from them anyway than what you have already.

    The bike lord will be getting attacked directly in combat and as such will need it to survive there.
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    Amen. Give the Lord with Incubi a Punisher, maybe some Plasma Grenades, and little more. I would stay away from the Drugs even, but that's your call.

    I'm with Splata, the Field goes on the Lord on Bike.


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