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    Brand spankin' new player, needs army ideas

    Hooooooowday there Y'all!

    Im completely new to 40k in general, but years ago i said that if i started, i'd have to go tyranids!

    Now im finally starting (with two friends) and i need ideas for an army list.

    I'm thinking of an army with:
    A Flyrant modeled with 2Xscytals that could be explained easily as talons and crushers(if i feel lucky, ya know?).Also, any biomorphs that increase survivability/attacks so, perhaps...bioplasma, tusks(if he can have em), Toxmiasma, warp field, adrenal glands(+I), reiforced chitin(if he can have it...again...noob), perhaps toxin sacks, and of course catalyst for...
    Some form of fast attack that could aid the tyrant, either by drawing shots temporarily (and taking advantage of catalyst) or taking out units whilst the tyrant soaks up enemy attacks. I have no idea what to use here because i dont know whether raveners could deploy fast enough to meet the tyrant at the frontline by turn two...winged warriors sound good...but ive no idea really. I am fairly certain that the tyrant and retinue will fall at a random time.
    While the vanguard force distracts the enemy, a slower (but not slow) force of spineguants, hormies, and stealers(with Blord) would move forward toward enermy units away from the tyrant, and eventually the stealers and surviving hormies would enter CC, and hopefully dominate most competition. I think the force should be split into at least 3 medium groups(with zoeys or warriors for synapse and dealing with heavily armoured enemys) with hormies in the two plain spine/stealer groups (for soaking it up and eventuall melee) and a higher concentration of spinegaunts surrounding the Blords Group.

    Also, i plan for a Magneted 'Fex which would have Sbanks, EnSen,extended carapace and the choice of sniper/devil capabilities depending on whats needed more for the battle.

    Aiming for a 1500pt army

    Of course, i have no experience battling whatsoever, so would this configuration work, and if so...what should i use in it?

    Foes most likley will be Chaos SM, Imp's and perhaps necrons (and those omnipresent Space Marines!)...but dont base any lists around this info.

    In my defence for the inevitable... YES, I WILL GET THE CODEX SOON(even though its a waste of money as it'll be defunct soon and heaps of rules will change and muck up my attemps at a hassle free "Here's my list, time to build!" army, but hey, if i have to re-equipt my troops by buying completly new ones and pushing my buget and indeed other hobbies away, thats just my own fault for joining in on a great game/ hobbie) BUT I GOT MODELS FIRST AND WOULD LIKE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THEM!

    please offer any advice you can, even just clarification or stories with your own experiences with certain units or tyranids in general...thanks!

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    The nid codex should be good for quite a few years to come, so there's no reason not to get it.

    On your flyrant, you've listed boimorphs that only a carnifex can take. Claws, tusks, etc... Codex will clear that up for you. Additionally take the warp field power for more survivability.

    For nids there's a few things to always remember:
    1) focus, focus, focus. Nids are not good when you try to split their use. CC/ranged warriors will never do as well as CC-only warrior. Or ranged-only warriors. Plus they cost more than specific use builds. So keep it simple. If you're going to shoot, only buy things that help you shoot.
    2) Nids kill in two ways. Denying armor-saves while hitting first. Or throwing out so many shots at a unit that they will eventually take wounds. (With the nerfing of rending and CC, nids are currently doing better at shooting.)
    3) Our anti-tank ability is slim at best. Our biggest shooting weapon will only ever glance. (venom cannon.) So our best ranged anti-tank unit is still the sniperfex. Use it to disable tanks and get into CC with a monstrous creature.
    4) Nids have no armor save. (AS 5 and 6 don't count as even your grandmother can sling a weapon that is AP5.) So use cover to your advantage!
    5) If your building a CC list, go full CC with some ranged support.
    6) If your going ranged, go full ranged!
    7) A ranged dakka-flyrant does just as well in CC as a CC-only flyrant!

    That should get you started. Enjoy!

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    hey, welcome to the hive mind.
    having a look at your list, i'd say take winged warriors as fast attack. if you give them rending claws, scything talons and CC biomorphs, they're nasty. this will also solve your current lack of synapse creatures. on the list you suggested, taking raveners would mean your only synapse would be the flyrant and broodlord. warriors with wings provide fast-moving synapse to keep up with gaunts and maybe support the flyrant. Make sure you make good use of cover, cos with T4 and a 5+ save, winged warriors are... fragile, to say the least.

    Go forth and devour all in your path,
    Swarbie of the Hive Mind
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