Just thought i'd give you guys an insight into how the new rules might effect the Necrons.

Played a 1500 point game last night versus the Tau using the new rules and the scenario generatot that was in the UK White Dwarf this month (June).

My force consisted of Nightbringer, Lord with Res Orb, 2 x 10 Warriors, 5 Immortals, 3 Wraiths, 5 Destroyers, 5 Scarabs, 2 Heavy Destroyers. Tau force had 3 Hammerheads with Ion canons, 2 squads, about 10 crisis suits anjd some other stuff.

It turned out that the Tau had to control their objective markers at the end of the game and i had to take them. We both agreed that I was going to get annhilated!! I won't bore you all with the details of the game but what we found though was that because the Destroyers can now move, fire and move some more and because meatshielding has been removed you can now use them in the way that they should be used. As a mobile fire base to support the advance of the rest of your force from the flanks. The new rules on assault weapons are also cool as well because you can begin to move your warriors rather than having to keep them stationary. Before I wouldn't of got near to the Tau because i'd never of got a chance to shoot at them before they broke my units. But now I could use the available cover to advance and then move to within 12" before rapid firing.

The new rules got a big thumbs up from both of us (both 30+ years old) and brought in the element that has been sorely missing from 40k in our opinion. Tactics. Obviously this was just one game and we'll need to play more to see how it's really going to effect things but so far so good.

And the result? Well I actually lost. But it went right to the final turn and if we'd been playing to the death i'd probably of won it .... plus if i hadn't forgotten to take my flayed ones and other unit of immortals then i wouldn't of had to use my Nightbringer and definately would of won!!!