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    How you isolate the enemy

    Hi all,

    In some games its easy to isolate a part of your enemy force and lay down a amount of firepower on it. But it dont work all the time. What kind of tactics do u tau players use. And what characters u use. Because when tau cant rip isolated enemies and keep them at arms length it will be difficult to win.

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    Its about terrain, placement and the fact that you play on a rectangular board. (static) or Its about terrain, placement and the fact that you play on a rectangular board. (mechanized)

    You identify the fire lanes on the board and places where you can hole up. Anything that blocks LOS, provides 5+ cover saves or better and the range of the enemies weapons is important to keep track of during placement.

    Second: (static)
    If you are going static make sure the enemy can not win by staying away from you. you must occupy critical territory forcing the enemy to attack. Second you absolutley must make sure that your army can use more its guns during any turn of the game than the enemy. You can do this by forcing the enemy to have to move along the axis of the long table edges by setting up in an opposite corner from him or her (granted that you control the fire lanes and can occupy a trenchliek position) this way your concentrated army (though prone to getting hit by template weapons) can shoot concentratedly on an enemy that has to move to get to you. The second option is to set up your army so that the terrain creates a funnel effect forcing the enemy units that needs to advance into fire lanes of your choosing (also very possible to combine with the first option)

    Second: (mechanized)
    Make sure you set up your army in such a way that the enemy, if it gets first turn, can not shoot anything. deploy out of range behind LOS blocking object whatever it takes but keep your army centered on the board if you can. As soon as it is your turn you zoom out of cover and move everything to one side of the table giving you as much fire as posible and at the same time set up so that terrain objects block line of sight for the enemys units. this will force them to move or be useeless throwing everything to one side also forces alot of the enemies weapons out of range especially if you are relying on railheads and devilfish with lots of pulserifle soldiers. you set up at 25-30" unload everything and shoot the enemy who should not be able to shoot back with anything as the closest units are dead and the rest is out of range or out of los. if you are going mechanized dont do any half meassures everything should have high mobility. there are NO XV-88:s in mechanized divisions!

    and then again you can just play to have fun and tell a story...
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