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Thread: Help Me Plz

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    i want to make my archon and his retinue really good but mainly in close combat what should i put on him


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    This all depend upon several factors.

    Factor 1: Know Thy Enemy. This is VERY essential for DE players. For a CC-oriented Retinue against swarm armies such as Nids or IG, I suggest a Punisher/Torm Helm combo. Get the Animus Vitae when the new rules come out too, it'll make capturing easier (thus the +1 WS and S). When Playing against small, tough armies such as Necrons, Agonisers tend to be more popular, but a S5 against marines is even better. However, tougher opponents might require an Agnoiser, and ultra-tough Daemon Princes and such might require it too. However, if you can get a Punisher to work with Drugs and Animus Vitae, that S6 will kill almost anything. However, if you're fighting the likes of Chaos and he's got a bloodthirster or something, I'd go with the Agoniser. Otherwise, even agains marines like vanilla or other chapters, I'd still use the Punisher/Torm Helm (oftentimes, you don't even need the AV!!&#33

    Factor 2: The size of the game. Incubi are always the way to go, and a CC one shouldn't be carrying shredders and blasters. Incubi masters are quite useless, you might as well get 2 more for 7 more points. Drazhar is excellent; I take him on every game bigger than 700 points. He will tear apart pretty much anything for you.

    For your Lord itself, don't go super wargear heavy. That 2+ Invulnerable will save you from almost anything except for lost of weak, concentrated fire, which you shouldn't get in the way if the first place. Always take the enemies HQ and tough units with your retinue. Swarms, your warriors can slaughter with splinter cannons. Go for the big fish, is what I say.

    Never let them get shot. If you have no choice, better to let them be assaulted. When used correctly, they (with Drazhar) will tear apart almost any other HQ in the game. Why? Well, several reasons.

    Initiative. Their I of 7, 6, and 5 will ensure that they will almost strike first. Even before you Incubi hits, if your enemy is faster, your lord will have taken care of half the enemy's unit before the rest of the retinue finishes them off.

    Attacks: 3 attacks on the charge for EACH Incubi. Try to always charge your opponent; you will either annihilate that unit (which you should avoid, as it leaves you open to fire), or cripple lots of it.

    That's all the suggestions I can give you, so good luck, and REMEMBER TO CAPTURE SLAVES!!!!!!! (DE players tend to forget alot).
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    What is said in other threads, which you would have found if you used the search option, or simply your eyes. Thread locked.
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