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    different types of nobs

    I was just wandering what set up of nobs you guys would prefer in a 1500 point game:

    10 nobs /w 2 PK's, painboy, cybork bodies, waaaaagh banner & bosspole


    6 biker nobs /w 2 PK's, painboy, cybork bodies, waaaaagh banner & bosspole

    If i'm right then they come up to more or less the same amount of points, give or take 10-20. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

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    The first unit has numbers, but without a Trukk or BW they will get shot up very quickly due to their lack of speed. You could easily get rid of 2 Nobs for a Trukk and still be effective, if not moreso.

    The bikers have less numbers, but they are plenty speedy and have all the benefits of bikes to go with them.

    With Trukk-mounted units, I'd use them if you have other vehicles and Trukks. 1 Trukk will get blown sky high easily, but if you have 3-4 and some Kanz, Buggies, etc running around they will last longer.

    Bikes can be tossed in to any list and do well because they rock hardcore.

    What sort of list will you be running?
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    Both of them are very good builds, but IMHO too expensive for 1500. At +/- 500pts per unit, you have 1/4 of your pts tied down in a single unit. I'd slash 40% of those numbers away for 1500pts games.
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    I can't see using nobz in trukks/battlewagons at 1500 points, especially not battlewagons (I'd never use regular nobz on foot though, they won't last). At that point level, you should be taking 2 units of regular trukkboyz rather than 1 unit of nobz. Nobz in trukks are only useful when you already have 3-4 other trukks in the list.

    On the other hand, meganobz are perfectly fine in a 1500 point game, as 3-4 meganobz in a trukk with a ram only costs 160-200, and a warboss in mega armor with cybork and a bosspole only costs 115 points more. That's 275-315 points for a very powerful unit (although I'd keep them away from power weapons, and possibly consider holding them in reserve).

    Biker nobz can work at the 1500 point level, simply because of their raw power. It's difficult for a 1500 point army to effectively deal with a unit of nob bikers, which may make people more than a little upset you're using them, but at least you're not using them at 1000 points. ^_^

    Here are my favorite setups for around that point level (I'd also include a warboss, just to make them a troop, although the warboss doesn't have to be with the unit of nobz):

    7-8 regular nobz w/2-3 powerklaws, combi-scorcha, painboy, cybork, wauughh banner, bosspole, trukk, ram

    3-5 meganobz w/scorcha, trukk, ram

    6-7 nob bikers w/2-3 powerklaws, combi-scorcha, painboy, cybork, wauughh banner, bosspole

    In all these units you could replace one of its members with a warboss with a powerklaw, cybork, 'eavy armor for the normal nobz, mega armor for meganobz, and a bike for the biker nobz.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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