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    I'm thinking about buying some Eldar...

    I'm currently an ork player, with a decent sized army to my name. I am, however, looking to start a smaller second army, and the eldar look like fun.
    I want to start with a 500 pt army, and was thinking about two small guardian squads, one howling banshee squad, and a farseer. Does anyone have any advice?

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    You have chosen the right race if you want a small force. Expect to loose quite a few matches while you adapt to using the eldar. A small 500 point army isn't ideal for eldar and we have so many toys to choose from even 2000 points feels like it's not enough sometimes. Eldar are very specialized and cost a lot of points so even in a 2000 point match you can fit most of your army in a small corner of the board and have maybe 20-50 models depending on what you use. Guardians add a lot of bodies to the table so if you want to keep the model count down then I suggest more costly choices. Eldar don't loose much for not having many bodies on the table.

    Now for your choices, I'd say it's a decent force for 500pts. Depending on how you equip your squads it will serve quite nicely as a starting point. Your main weakness will be armor as your Farseer is the only thing that will take out heavy tanks with his witch blade or singing spear. most opponents won't pop down a land raider or monolith in 500pts so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I suggest giving the guardians either a scatter laser or EML. Banshees will do better with an exarch with either mirror blades or executioner and a power of your choice. Farseer will complement this force best with doom, add in other powers for fun effects.

    Happy hunting
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