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    Just started 40K...

    I just started 40K after 8 years of Fantasy, and since the games are so different, I'm still stuck in Fantasy mode. I need help in making a tournament list that rushes up and engages in hand to hand very quick, so I need to know...

    - How many boys should I run?
    - How many of them should I put in trukks?
    - Should I run anything else, like Nobs or tank bustas?
    - Should I run Defcoptas or bikes?

    So I just need help in general. Thanks in advance

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    The basics

    First of all, welcome to the orks! If you're new to the army, then I'd highly recommend checking out the topic inside the Ork 2008 Index (it's on the main page) called 'the basics'. A few people including myself put it together to help people who are new to the army.

    I'd definitely check that out, and as for the rest, it all depends on what type of army you want to run, and how large you want it to be. There are basically three types of armies, and the third is just a mix of the first two: horde, speed freaks, and balanced.

    Horde armies need a LOT of boyz, either slugga or shoota (most use a mix of the two). Depending on the size of the army, they generally use 3-5 units of 20-30 boyz, with special guns (big shootas or rokkits) and nobz with powerklaws and bosspoles ('eavy armor on the nob doesn't hurt either, but that's up to you). These armies also really need at least one fast troop, usually in a vehicle, to claim distant objectives, or else they have a lot of trouble winning objective based missions. The favored HQ choice is the big mek w/KFF, to help protect the army from shooting, but weirdboyz (upgraded to warp 'eads) work well too.

    Speed freaks need several trukks with rams, filled with the maximum 12 slugga boyz, nob, powerklaw and bosspole in each ('eavy armor on the nob again doesn't hurt). These armies almost always have at least one unit of nobz in it, to give the army some backbone, and include a warboss or Ghazghkull to make that unit of nobz a troop choice. Speed freaks tend to need a bit of fire support (since the troops don't shoot much themselves) so they benefit a lot from deffkoptas, lootas, warbikes, warbuggies, and killa kans.

    The third type of army is just a balanced one, with some horde and some speed freaks. The advantage is you'll be prepared for anything. The disadvantage is that you'll rarely overwhelm your opponent outright.

    It's up to you what you want to use. Most of the units are competitive in some way (except Flash Gitz), so I'd use what you like. Just be sure to use plenty of troops, give each unit a powerklaw and bosspole (if they can take it), don't spend too much of extras, and if the unit is less than 20 in number (and not stationary like lootas, or outflanking like kommandos) then they need a transport.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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