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    coming into 5th from 4th

    It's been a while since I played. How hard is it to come into 5th edition from 4th?

    By that I mean first do I just have to learn an handfull of new rules so I could jump back into the game quick, or is it like relearinging the whole thing over again. Another possibility being that there is a lot of new ambiguous stuff so there will be much head scratching at the table in practice.

    Second does the new edition totally change what units are useful and what tactics should be used? Specifically it sounds like there are major changes in regards to things like the old immortal falcons and skimmers in general.
    (If it matters my current collection has 2 farseers 5 warlocks, altogether too many Guardians( many now converted to dire avengers), jetbikes, Spears, full squad of scorpeons, couple waveserpents, falcons, vybers, 3 support weapon platforms with a pile of weapons I can swap around, and sometimes I proxy some dragons. )

    Finally how are eldar holding up in 5th in general? Is coming back to the hobby now just an invitation to pain? Again things like everyone getting fleet of foot and stuff doesn't sound helpful. Some Silver lining here? At a minimum if we make an army specifically to beat SMurfs can we devestate the walking cans even if it might cause us to lose against different armies?

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    I find that we can still run what we did in fourth. The Falcons that never die are a bit worse because of the changes to the vehicle damage but now we can have a 4+ re-rollable cover save if we move fast enough or sit behind cover and have a farseer helping. This essentially can be better and worse because they still have to roll two dice for damage. There is a little greater chance of being destroyed but you also get a greater chance of being able to fire after you've been hit. I still run my mech list and no one cries cheese any more.

    The rules are essentially the same just a few changes that you'll have to get used to. Just get your local store to run you through the changes in a game. Experience is the only way you'll really get it.
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