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Thread: Warrior builds

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    Warrior builds

    From what I understand on these boards if you have an option between shooty ie dakka tyrant and cc you're better off going shooty for more shots prior to cc and shooty is almost as good as cc build for cc. So I was wondering how this would apply to tyranid warriors. Would I be better off making cc wars with rending claws scything talons both adrenal glands leaping and toxin sacs or making warriors with range eather twin linked devourer or tl deathspitter? If I go with range would the tl devourer or tl deathspitter be better? Also is it worth the extra cost of the toxin sacs plus the added cost to weapons to put them on a war to boost range weapon str? I ask because I am buying a battleforce in the next week or so and was trying to come up with a solid all around build for the warriors. Another question I had would I be better off buying a pair of zoanthropes or a hive tyrant after the battleforce? I am really leaning towards the zoeys since I want to keep my army swarmy. Maybe a zoanthrope and a broodlord to go with my genestealers. Anyway thanks in advance for the advice and I would love to hear from everyone about this.

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    My tyranid army is hypothetical right now (I have played using proxy models, but I am sworn off of buying Nids till i finish my 1.5k Tau army), but uses a primarily warrior based synapse net (IE single Flyrant, masses of warriors, WoN spines out the wazoo and a few Zoans and Fexes for good measure).

    To this end, up to 1.5k points the only build I use is this:

    Scything Talons, Deathspitter, Toxin Sacs

    This baby is worth every point you spend on it, cos it is just going to stalk through cover, laming it up using TLoS to target, and rain 6 str 6 template per unit down on whatever it sees. If they get assaulted, they can hold their own, but I strongly advise gaunt screening as most enemies (MEQ, Tau, Eldar) will get a 4+ save anyway vs spitters, so them getting a cover save from your screen is no change to your ballistic damage rates.

    In larger forces, I field the following unit as a unit of 9, (2k points and above is the only time i really feel good sinking points into this unit).

    PS, as to your second question; I would strongly suggest a Flyrant, it is one of the only flying things in 1.5k or less that is worth the points.
    Wings, 2 Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (WS and I).

    I dont field hormagaunts much (no WoN and pricey for an effective MEQ killing unit) so I tend to bog down people using masses of spines and leap on them with Fexes, Tyrants or more Spines to finish the job. To this end, i have built this unit as a more anti-horde CC unit to assist spine gaunts, so that even full strength units of Orks and other Tyranid armies can be felled by a dual charge of puny, WoN gaunts and these more vicious HtH beasts.

    So there you have it, my long and personal treatise on the use of warriors, by no means comprehensive as it is only focussed towards a warrior heavy list, but I hope that you find it useful .

    i will bee keeping an eye on this thread for more warrior builds.

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