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    scuttlers question

    Ok so I had an idea for a scuttling/outflanking Bug army, my question has to do with synapse.

    1.)When the unit outflanks does it count as being in hive mind that turn for shooting/moving/assaulting purposes? Do I need to take a Ld test to move them on the board? or can I assume that they are just outside of the board edge where they come on for terms of measuring synapse?

    2.) Say you outflank on turn 5 and you have the last turn of the game, your unit of gaunts ends its movement on an objective. Do they count as scoring if there is synapse within 12" or how about if there is no synapse within 12"?

    not sure if this is the proper sub forum, but I figured it'd be a good place to start.
    Thanks for the help...

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    synapse (for the purposes of instinctive behavior at the start of a turn) is measured at the start of the turn, before the movement phase, which means that the gaunts measure synapse before they come on the board. To that end, it is my understanding, and anyone who can site a place where and why this isn't true should do so, that any tyranids that start the game off the board are assumed to start in synapse range. Thus, your gaunts are in synapse at the start of the turn, they move on the board, and (as long as they don't have to take an IB test for failing moral) spend the entire turn as a normal (scoring) unit.

    Thus (short version here) anything coming in from an outflank move is a scoring unit for at least that turn, no matter where your other synapse critters are.
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