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    Under the influence of the Waaagh!, but under the control of the C'Tan


    I have been around 40k for a while now, having been the Hive Mind of a Tyranid army, and the controlling decadent of the Dark Eldar, and I have had a real blast just ripping everything to shreds. But now a thought occurs to me. When I happen to finish them, where to I turn to, when I rebel against the DE (not a good idea) or turn my back on the Nids (even worse)? I want an army that relies on their strength as much as their tactics, and so I have been stickybeaking around in the Orks Codex AND the Necrons Codex.

    And now my question is: Why should I choose Orks over the Necrons? And if you do happen to make me get a green-thumb, what are the most essential things I should know about the Orks?

    Help is appreciated!

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    Apples and Orkynges

    Comparing Necron and Orks is a little odd, as they're more or less exact opposites. If you want a simple answer, I'd say go with Necron, just because it's less similar to the armies you already play than the Orks are.

    The reasons you should play the Orks: They have a much more up to date codex than the Necron, and as is usually the case, the more up to date codex is more powerful and competitve than the older one. Orks have large numbers and really cool looking vehicles, most of which act as transports. The orks move quickly and put out a lot of attacks, both in the shooting phase and close combat. There are also far more Ork models than there are Necron models, allowing you to customize your army a bit more. In short, the Orks are about speed and numbers.

    The reasons you should play the Necron: They have a new codex due out by the end of next year (it's a ways off, but it's something to keep in mind). Despite having an old codex, they are still quite competitive, especially when using Monoliths and plenty of Necron Warriors. A Necron army is significantly smaller than an Ork army, meaning you don't need to buy and paint nearly as many models as you do with the Orks. The Necron's Monolith is the single most powerful and useful vehicle in all of 40k, and they look really cool to boot. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it's less like the armies you've already played than the Orks are. The Necron are about shooting, and creative use of special troops.

    To elaborate on the 'less like previous armies' comment, there are basically two ways to play the orks: horde and speed freaks. Most good Ork armies are a blend of the two, but the units themselves are either massive hordes of cheap and effective units, with some powerful close combat focused units, or armies filled with fragile, high speed vehicles and units focused on close combat. The hordes, you may have noticed, have a lot in common with Tyranids (only without the monstrous creatures), and speed freaks have a lot in common with Dark Eldar (only the Ork bikes aren't vehicles).

    I'd use whatever sounds more fun, but in a nut shell, if you're looking for something powerful, go with orks, and if you're looking for something different, go with Necron.
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    Hi, my name is Gorestompa and I have a problem.

    I have the tendency to become very interested in an army, buy a bunch of shtuff when I find a good deal, then never complete the army as I move on to something else. That being said, the two closest-to-complete armies I have are Crons and Eldar, and my newest fascination is Orks. But I am sticking with Orks this time - no switching up until I have a full Waaagh!

    That being said, here are the reasons I would choose either army.

    Necrons can be VERY satisfying when you play them differently. It takes time to devise such a strategy, as most Cron players (that I've seen) have a tendency to play the tried and true phalanx. I played my Necrons as a very mobile army - almost as mobile as my Eldar. I can't describe the satisfaction gained when playing against an opponent and shocking the heck out of them with my bizarre but potent tactics. So that being said, I'd only play Crons if you can devise something truly unique out of them. Otherwise they are going to play very much the same every game. If the best you can devise is another phalanx strategy they will become very boring very fast.

    The reason I'm attracted to the Orks is all the possibilities in modeling and kunvertin. If you take a look around, you will realize you can take quite literally anything and make it Orky. Orks are always fun to play - no matter how much you win or lose. Something crazy is always bound to happen that both players will appreciate. From my experience anyways.

    In conclusion- Play Necrons if you can come up with a unique strategy (or if you just enjoy watching tons of Warriors stand back up, but that becomes rather dull to me after a while) Play Orks if you enjoy modeling and laughing your ass off when something goes unexpectedly horribly wrong - either for you or your opponent.
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