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    Create your own Eldar Unit: Evoker

    There are two things that the Eldar do not have in their arsenal to cover just about every niche, melee jump pack units, and a psychic melee HQ. This is my take on what a psychic version of the Autarch (which let's face it, isn't very good outside of jetbike builds and for his reserve rolls) could look like.

    Evoker - 130 points

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    6 0 3 3 3 7 2 10 *

    Unit Type: Infantry

    Special Rules
    Fleet of Foot, Independant Character, Counter-Attack

    Deflection: The Evoker is a master of bladed weapons, and as such is able to dodge and parry enemy attacks, models attacking an Evoker add one to the number required to hit(i.e. a model attacking with initiative 4 hits on a 5+ instead of the usual 4+)

    Rune Armor: (4+ Invulnerable Save)

    Plasma Grendades

    The Evoker is equipped with either a pair of Wraithblades, a pair of Witchblades, or an Executioner.

    Psychic Powers
    An Evoker does not require a psychic test to use his powers, but can only use one per turn.
    Maelstrom - The Evoker gains +2 attacks this turn
    Cleaving Blows - The Evoker's attacks ignore armor saves this turn

    Overall, this is probably not the most balanced model out there as that requires extensive playtesting, but it does provide a niche melee HQ that can handle all sorts of units from guard to terminators without getting swamped or being too weak. This was made in about an hour or so, so if you spot any inherent cheesiness from a combination of the abilities or statline, I can edit it to make it more fair. So tell me what you think of it.

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    Kick butt melee HQs are not really an eldar thing, if we need an HQ for melee, we have the avatar. Melee jump troops would be interesting, but mostly they're not that good, so personally, I'd just like to see a cheap transport option.
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