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    How to Fix the Vespids

    Ok, so the Vespid have become the unit everyone here seems to love to hate. It's easy enough to see why: Expensive and fragile, built with several conflicting purposes in mind (and ineffective at them all), and competing against the Pathfinders for slots in our armies. I've seen similar topics elsewhere in the LO boards, so I thought that I would give this a shot.

    A few of my friends have agreed to let me use these revised stats if they come out fair, by the way. They said it would make me play by the rules.

    Ok, so here's what I have. The Vespids themselves have multiple purposes, and in order to actually do them all they'd pretty much have to be costed like TEQ units. So, instead, I'm writing them into 3 distinct strains. The idea was to keep them as more expensive and fragile Jump Infantry while actually making them effective at their chosen roles.

    1) Troop: Vespid Diamond-Claw
    These are the general workers of the Vespids, normally seen tunnelling in their great stalactite colonies on their home world. On the battlefield, those same claws that tunnel through rock perform similar duties on armored foes.
    16 points. WS: 4, BS: 2, S: 4, T: 4, W: 1, I: 4, A: 2, LD: 6, SV: 4+
    Strain: The unit consists of 3-10 Diamond-claws and one Strain Leader
    Unit Type: Jump Infantry
    Equipment: Neutron Blaster
    Options: The talons of the Vespid Diamond-Claws can be made Rending at the cost of 1 point per model. Any may exchange their Neutron Blaster for a Pulse Pistol at no additional charge.
    Special Rules: Fleet of Wing.

    2) Fast Attack: Vespid Sting-Wing
    The Sting-Wing is the scout and tactical instrument of the Vespid millitary. Trained in precision flight and excellent marksmanship, they have become welcome assistance to the Tau Pathfinders.
    16 points: WS: 2, BS: 3, S: 2, T: 4, W: 1, I: 5, A: 1, LD: 6, SV: 5+
    Strain: The unit consists of 3-8 Sting-Wings and one Strain leader
    Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Jetpack)
    Equipment: Neutron Blaster
    Options: Any number of Vespid Sting-Wings in a strain may take a Markerlight addition to their Neutron Blaster for 5 points apiece. One in three may instead upgrade their weapon to a Tau Rail Rifle with Target Lock for 10 points.
    Special Rules: Skilled Flyer- due to their training, the Sting-Wings may reroll failed Dangerous Terrain tests

    3) Vespid Strain Leader
    Always female, the Strain leaders are the lowest of the ruling class of the Vespid. Larger than the male vespid they fight alongside, they are trained in the same arts of war as those they lead. All wear Communion helms given by the Tau.
    25 points. WS: 4, BS: 3, S: 4, T: 4, W: 3, I: 5, A: 2, LD 9, SV: 4+
    A Vespid Strain leader is always of the same unit type, with the same equipment, options, and special rules as the unit they lead.

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