My fleet (Air Waaagh Big Toof) had it's first game of Aeronautica Imperialis yesterday against The Watcher's Imperial Navy.

I fielded 2 Fighta Bommas and 2 Fightas with Rokkits, against 3 Thunderbolt fighters in a simple dogfight scenario.

The first turn one of my fighta bommas got autocannon blasted out of the skies. After that I took a bloody revenge and big dakka'd all of his planes out of the sky, one by one for a great first win! We both had a good time and the game was good.

The game was really fun. Flexible, enough detail to keep it interesting. Lasted about 1.5 hours and was really exciting all the way through. And you can actually bring the models needed for a two hour game in a small box so it's transportable as heck.

Now I just have to assemble my blasta bomma and my flak wagons and then we'll give it a nother go. Will try to post some pics once I start getting paint on the models.. Those Forge World kits are indeed works of art.

Now we might do a combined 40k / Aeronautica campaign.

Anyone else play it?