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    Loota Boyz Suck (Its a ploy! Read anyways)

    Disclaimer: Loota Boyz do not suck. That was just a ploy to get you to read my thread! Please don't be discouraged, I would be very happy if you kept reading

    A Feral Ork, a Dreadnought Leg, a Twin Linked Heavy Bolter, and a Space Marine Bike Handle Bar walk into a bar. I was smart enough to duck (more like drank enough to stumble under it), then subdued them all whilst concussed, and took them back to da Mek's Garage. Long story short, theys been combined into my first ever kustomized model ^-^ Freakin woo! This is precisely the reason I started collecting Orks - to try my hand at modeling - and I'm more than satisfied with my results... Doktor Dakka an' da Killy Stompin Circus are now 1/15th complete.

    Doktor Dakka an' 'is Circus krew is da thievenest Meks eva'! Deys make a propa Garage if dey wa'nt more killy than dey is crafty. I looked at the Loota box and, while the models look amazing, it just didn't seem right. They looked too similar. My thinking is Lootas loot. Whatever they can get their hands on, and whatever it is I bet its not identical in any sense. So, I'm kustomizin all of my Lootas with a random assortment of heavy weapons (looted from my friends' bit boxes). Doktor Dakka is one out of fifteen Lootas I'm going to make. He wears backpack mounted heavy bolters looted from Da Moo Kowz most esteemed enemy, the Dread Wolves, and remote controlled by hard wired handlebars.

    Here he is in all of his low resolution splendor! Sorry for the poor quality, the only program I have to crop the image is MS Paint...

    And not that I look at the photo, I wish I had taken one from behind so you could see his backpack! >.< I'm new to this model-picture-takin-thing..

    Doktor Dakka is holding a SM Bike handlebar bit, with twin linked heavy bolters looted right off the top of my friends razorback (wait until he finds out what happened to them) Okay, so I didn't actually loot them, they were spare bits, so you don't have to judge me. The TLHBs are mounted ontop of a SM Dreadnought's leg turned backpack.

    Second Disclaimer: I didn't want to post this in the modeling section.. for fellow Orks only! He'll be posted in the proper section once he's been painted. I just wanted to share my pride with fellow Ork players for now (yes I'm impatient). He is, after all, my first kustomized Ork mod...er.. My first ever kustomized model! Now, I just can't wait to get him painted! I mean.. I can't wait to buy some paint!

    I've recently become a fan of this thing called Dubstep. And you should too.
    Datsik & Flux Pavillion - Crunch (Youtube)
    Da Moo Kowz is da drinkinest Orks of dem all!

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    it looks like shit (also a ploy )

    no it's a really cool model, it was indeed better if you had taken a picture of his back
    just one thing it looks so (word wich i don't know in english). maybe you could place some armour on his arms (for a bit more orky-look)

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