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    Ork Codex questions

    I hope this isn't being redundant since I already asked this question in the main 40k Armies forum, but I'm hoping someone here can help me understand this..

    First, I'm wondering what exactly I'm allowed to post in regards to information from the codex. In this case, it would be extremely beneficial if I could post the point cost of a Nob and the Painboy upgrades. But I'm not if I'm allowed to and if I'm NOT, I wonder why. I've heard it's because it's an IP or copyright infringement and I'm guessing that's because it's specific information from the Codex that people need to PURCHASE a copy of in order to obtain that information??

    So essentially, What information infringes the copyright of GW and how does it do so?

    Now onto my main question.

    I want to have a Squad of Nobs with a Painboy. If you refer to page 98 of the Ork Codex, it says "1 Nob may be a PainBoy for X points" A.

    Let's say I have a squad of 5 Nobz and I want a Painboy. 5x Nobs is 100 pts. So, if I say I want one to be a Painboy, do I pay + X pts to Upgrade 1x of my Nobz OR do I pay X pts and get an additional Nob who is actually a PainBoy (essentially meaning X pts = Painboy)

    Essentially it comes down to 1 question. How many Nobs do I get for 100 + X pts? Do I get 5 (4 regular Nobz, 1 upraded toa a Painboy) or 6 (5 nob + additional Model who is a Painboy)?

    Normally, I think I would have to pay the X pts and just upgrade a pre-existing one, but there are 2 things in the codex that lead to this confusion.

    1. In the Boyz section is specifically states "One Boy may be UPGRADED to a Nob" instead of "May BE"

    2. Turn to Page 83 in the Ork Codex; it shows a picture of 5 Nobs, including a Painboy and a bunch of Upgrades, but there is actual 5 Nobs and a seperate Painboy for a total of 6 models.
    If I subtract the total cost of the Upgrades, it leaves me with 6 units for the 100+X pts. Is this just a photographical error or am I doing my Math wrong. Seriously, turn to Page 83, Squad #5. If you subract all the upgrade costs (y) from the total point cost of 190 pts, it shows 6 units for the price of 100 + X.

    I hope this isn't confusing to anyone, which is why it would be so much easier if I could just list the cost of the Nob upgrade, but I'm resisting.

    Additionally, I would like to know if the Painboy's Syringe and Tools count as 1 handed weapons or not. In short, does he get a bonus attack like the other Nobz or does he just get the basic 3x attacks.

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    A good rule of thumb is to post totals for units (that aren't single models or with no upgrades), not costs for items, models, and the like.

    To answer your question, 5 Nobs with a Painboy is 130 points for 5 models. 4 Nobs and 1 Painboy.

    As for the 'Urty Syringe, he replaces his choppa and slugga so he doesn't have 2 weapons to get the bonus from. 3 Attacks I'd say.
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