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    Any suggestions on the army

    Farseer - Doom,
    Jetbikes (6) - 2 Shuriken Cannons, Warlock - Embolden, Spiritseer
    Jetbikes (6) - 2 Shuriken Cannons, Warlock - Embolden
    Dire Avengers - Exarch (Defend, Bladestorm, Avenger 4 SC
    Rangers (5) - Pathfinders
    Striking Scorpions (7) - Exarch, Shadowstrike, Stalker, Scorpion's Claw
    Dark Reapers (3) - Exarch, Crack Shot, Eldar Missle Launcher
    Wraithlord - Scatter Laser, Wraithsword, 2 flamers
    Fire Prism - S. Cannon, Vectored Engines

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    You might want to put this in the army lists section for a better response.

    Your army seems a bit muddled. You need a more coherent force works with itself.

    Major problems...

    1. You have the jetbikes setup to babysit the wraithlord, these should be zooming around and don't need spiritseer. Give the farseer guide and have him set up a lawn chair behind this monster. Guardians will also create a nice screen to babysit the big guy and should be less costly than the expensive bike unit.

    2. You have a small unit of dark reapers setup to hunt tanks. You would be better served with a waveserpent that could transport your dire avengers into position and hunt tanks with a TL EML or TL BL.

    3. You have really fast units mixed with stationary units and slow moving units. This will let your opponent pick and choose his targets easily. Rethink the bikes and consider a more solid core to walk up the field supported by your wraithlord, avatar, and farseer. Have the farseer support the avatar with fortune and make him a rock solid figurehead of your army making everything fearless.

    I really think you should rethink the army as a whole and give it a more unified roll.
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