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    Strategic terrain placement for Orks.

    Okay, so I'm probably going to play a game tonight with some real, experienced players, and One of the things that I really have troubles with is terrain placement.

    Obviously, I want to have as much cover as possible when moving towards the enemy, but I also want a wide open space to assault in, so I can get as many units into base contact as possible. I also know that I should probably avoid pinch-points, though I know my opponent can create them, in general it's probably best to avoid going through them unless they don't have any template weapons or they're too far to use them effectively. Lastly, I would also prefer to NOT assault through cover. Though it will probably happen at some point, I think it's best to avoid placing too much difficult/hindering terrain near the enemies side.

    So, in short, my questions are

    1. What type of terrain is best? Blocking? Hindering? Impassable?

    2. Where should I place the terrain to gain the greatest benefit. I think somewhat in the middle is best and try to have large gaps in some areas so a large squad of boys doesn't have too much trouble getting through.

    Really, any hints on terrain placement would be helpful. I know this is probably something that's tough to explain since it's more of a visual thing and I'm sure I'll learn with experience..but I would still like any hints that you can give me.

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    Few things to keep in mind during terrain placement:

    1) Are their buildings available for terrain deployement? If so, how would you and your opponent each make use of them. If you do not have Lootas then you won't have much use for them, however if your opponent has a nasty shooty squad they will. In this case I always try to place available buildings before they do and put them out in the middle so they can not deploy in them. In the case that they do place one in a deployment zone, I try and block it with either another building or a tall piece of impassible terrain to block LoS from it.

    If I do have lootas, then I try and place a building in each deployement zone directly across from one another and have my lootas target his shooty squad right of the bat and hope I win that battle

    2) If you have a freaks list with several Trukks, try and get some good cover in each deployment area and in the middle so your Trukks can doge from cover to cover before deploying troops. In general you want to make sure both zones have cover in them as you will benefit from it much more than your opponent. If they get 1st turn and you have no cover you could be hurting right from the get-go.

    3) Choke points are likely going to benefit your opponent more than you, try to avoid them. If your opponent does create one, simply deploy your troops away from it if able.

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