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Thread: AoBR set

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    AoBR set

    Well I got this today as another late xmas pressie, this time from the Inlaws though. Now I had never considered starting another army... I have alot to do with my Eldar realy, and Im just getting into Warmachine.

    Anyhow after flicking through the books and 'gaining' a copy of the Ork codex I am now considering keeping the Orks for a future date. I just love the codex. The play style appears to be the polar opposite to my Eldar. I just love the randomness of the attacks and psyic powers too. The new battlewagon model out tomorrow is also very nice!

    So, anyone here got any hints / tips? I know squat about them apart from what Ive read in Armybuilder and the copy of the codex I have gained. Was considering gettting the Battleforce pack thingy for £50 wich should make a nice ish 1000 point list.

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    You made a good pick, Orkses is much betta den dem stinkin' panzees. Doz Eldar fings like to run away and hide like da pointy eared panzees dey are, but da boyz like ter foight good an proppa.

    AoBR is a great deal if you're starting up an Ork army. The core of every Ork army should have plenty of boyz (unless you're running a Nob heavy, bike heavy, or other focused force), so another AoBR set would help a lot. The BF is great if you want Trukks and Bikers, otherwise I'd just get boxes of boyz. Anything you need can be converted from those sprues and any vehicles can be looted, kitbashed or scratch built.

    If you like the Battlewagon, get a couple. A BW brigade army is very nasty, basically a bunch of boyz and Nobs riding in their flashy wagons, overloading the enemy with AV14 targets and tons of attacks.
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    There are many types of Ork armies, but I believe that at each of their hearts there are only 3 'Core' units that make up the backbone of any Ork army. There are many great Ork units besides these (lootas, Meganobz, kommandos, Grotts, etc.) but the following are the units that will really dictate the flow of battle, and ultimately make or break your list:

    1) 20-30 Shoota boyz w/2-3 big shootas, nob, powerklaw, and bosspole

    This is one of the greatest units in all of 40k. It can shoot down nearly anything and still stand up very well in close combat. They're not invincible, but they're damn effective, especially when supported by a nearby big mek with kustom force field, to give the unit the much needed save. Slugga boyz can also work in these setups, especially if you're using 3-4 large units of orks on foot, but I prefer the shoota boyz, for their versatility.

    2) 12 Slugga boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole, trukk, ram, and stikkbomb chukka

    The sheer number of attacks put out by boyz in these units is ridiculous, especially if you can hit an opponent with 2 or more of these units at once. I wouldn't add much more to the unit than this, or else they'll be too expensive to be effective. I always use at least 1-2 of these units in every list, to help claim distant objectives, and give much needed backup to my other units. The stikkbomb chukka is important when facing other Orks (I learned this the hard way).

    3) 5-8 Nob bikers with 2-3 powerklaws, painboy, cybork bodies, wauugh banner, bosspole, stikkbombs, and attached warboss on bike with powerklaw, stikkbombs, and cybork

    These units are incredibly expensive by any standards, but the damage they can do and the amount of abuse they can take is nothing short of amazing. Always use a warboss, so they count as a troop, but if you like the warboss can be a different variety and attached to a different unit. These guys will kill anything, and as long as you know how to use them effectively, and avoid high strength attacks (strength 8+ causes instant death), then they won't treat you wrong.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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