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Thread: allisalie

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    Hello to all warhammer 40k fans especially Eldar players my name is Sam. Here is a picture of my army. Army list below.

    Basically people I am new to 40k and could do with some help. I have had this army for some time but Iíve found it hard finding the time to complete it to my own high standards. Im getting tantalisingly close now and hope to be gaming in a couple of weeks. First off im ok with the one HQ, six Troops, three Elites, and three Heavy Supports right?

    I have studied the Eldar codex and come up with this army list but to be honest im a bit in the dark having never played Eldar, let alone 40k before. If you can see anything you think is wrong with my army please would you let me know? Also if there is anyone who plays a similar army list to this some tactical advice would be much appreciated? My thoughts and plans are at the bottom.



    Two squads of 14 Guardians one with a Scatter laser the other with Star cannon.
    Two squads of five Path Finders. (On order)
    Six Dire Avengers. Exarch, Power weapon, shimmer shield & Blade Storm to be mounted in the Night Spinner.

    Six fire dragons. Exarch, Fire Pick. To be mounted in a Falcon.
    Ten Striking Scorpions with an Exarch, scorpion claw, biting blade and shadow strike.
    10 Howling Banshees with an Exarch, war shout and Acrobatic. To be mounted in a Wave Serpent. Equipped with twin linked ML Hollow field and Sprite Stones.

    Falcon with Scatter Laser, Hollow field and Sprite Stones
    Night Spinner (Forge World) with Hollow field and Sprite Stones
    Five Dark Reapers. Exarch with Tempest Launcher, fast shot and crack shot

    Also I haveÖ

    Five Warp Spider, Exarch with two night spinners and powerblades. (unpainted)

    One war walker, unpainted because itís the old version and I think the new ones are so much cooler. I have lots of other models that need painting before this one.

    Wrathlord with Bright lance (Painted) it is a neat model but the new one is so much cooler but I already have three Heavy Support choices. The new model is a walker so it can carry and fire two Bright Lances pricey but deadly! It dose have the only lance weapon in my army but if needs be I can swap one of the guardians SL or SC for BL.

    In the long run im thinking of bringing in another Wave Serpent and dropping the rangers/pathfinders. Equipping it with twin linked Bright Lances. Completely kitting it out and filling it with Dire Avengers. A good idea?
    Eldar Ulthran and two warlocks (Paint)

    Fire Prism (unpainted)

    My aim is for a balanced, adaptive army that is not too fragile and induces as many pinning tests as possible. I like Howling Banshees for their CC ability. Power weapons and space marinas go very well. Mounted them in a Wave serpent should get them into CC quickly. That will satisfy my blood lust I think :->

    Some tourney players advised my to equip ML on my Waver Serpent for versatility. Made sense to me but I will be playing against them enough so need someone elseís view on the matter. What do you think?

    Anything that can infiltrate will infiltrate such as sticking scorpions and the two squads of pathfinders. My plan is to pin, target the individual unsupported squads and over whelm them, quickly!

    There are plenty of troop choices for claiming objectives and many specialist elites to undo any squad my opponent may have. The Avatar will run up one side of the bored and try to get into CC. It will attract a lot of fire but thatís ok I want my Howling Banshees up in CC really. With the war gear an Autarch is almost the same points as an Avatar. I think An Avatar is much better model to have right? One squad of guardians will sit on my objective and the other will go for theirs.

    Pathfinders I till try to use as best I can. I love the fact itís a 2+ cover save with them and they have an excellent sniper rifle to boot. More Pinning tests!

    I really like the look of the fire prism but have chosen not to included it in my army list because I donít think it fits. In stead I have gone for the night spinner with its pinning and massive blaster + troop carrying and objective claiming abilities. If my opponent has something like a land raider something that has to go I have the six fire dragons if a falcon to do that job. I have not given the fire dragon Exarch any warrior powers as I think he is deadly enough at close range and with five other melters right behind him!

    If I did want to include a fire prism I would have two of them for their combined beams S10 AP1 or S6 AP3 and drop the falcon and six fire dragons.

    Future plans

    I will be playing quite a lot of 1500pts games, as most the opponents are tourney players. I will play around with this army and see what works and what doesnít before I do that.

    Thank-you for taking the time to read this any comments would be appreciated.

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    Your army is not exactly my cup of tea but you certainly have a good mix of stuff.

    I'll go through it a piece at a time, you'll need to balance my comments with those of others because there are a lot of ways to play Eldar depending on how you want the army to work.

    The Avatar is solid, but I would always include a Farseer - what he can do by guiding and dooming is superb.

    I'm not sure want you eant to acomplish here. I would forget the Pathfinders and big up the Dire Avengers - you can never have too many Dire Avengers. The Pathfinder/rangers have never really worked for me, especially in small units as they can't ever really put down enough firepower to really hurt anything and they can't move and shoot which I hate. So whilst they might be good to find somwhere quiet to sit and snipe they are rarely going to be able to take an objective and will get mashed in CC if you want them to defend one. Oh and did I say the bit about getting more Dire Avengers? I did? Cool, get some more!

    Oh and I would say swap the starcannon out for either a bright lance or scatter laser. Starcannons are just anti-MEQ (Marine EQuivalent) and don't do anything else particularly well.

    6 dragons in a falcon - that's how I use mine, works very well - just bear in mind that you cannot deploy in the Falcon as it is not a dedicated transport vehicle which means you have to embark on table.

    Your Scorps are fine

    Banshees - I would drop warshout as even though it's cheap, who cares? WS 1 still hits on a 5+ anyway and anything that was going to hit you on a 3+ probably has a high enough leadership to pass the morale test. What weapons are you going for on the exarch? I would recommend Exectioner as this gives you the ability to take on tougher targets such as MCs and light vehicles.

    Heavy Support
    Never used a nightspinner so cant comment - but I think it's more anti infantry than anti tank. I would say you are short on anti tank so you may want to add your fire prism in here .

    Same goes for your Reapers. Some people rave about reapers, but they don't fit my style of play, they are too static and the unit is too small and therefore vulnerable to CC. Also they are anti infantry not anti-tank

    The only anti tank you have is the Dragons and the Flacon and they will be together so a well aimed shot and you can leave yourself unable to take down enemy tanks. As the night spinner is a fair investment already I would say drop the Reapers and Pick up the Fire Prism. You can use that pretty effectively against infantry and tanks and is very mobile - Hence why I don't do reapers - there always seems to be a better Heavy Support unit.

    As for other things - I love Warpspiders defo use them. I can't get enough Dire Avengers and Warp Spiders. The deep striking and S6 Assault 2 weapons + jumping out of range in the assault phase make them a very tricky customer to deal with and your opposition will have to deal with them or they will feel the pain.

    Strategy wise I can't give you much help. I've always looked at pinning as a nice add-on and never really bothered about using it tactically. If you play armies with high leadership )or fearless (like daemons) pinning will rarely work so don't depend on this to win you any games.

    Anyway that's my thoughts
    Check out my Blog for my Biel-Tan Apocalypse progress

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