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    Need some help on picking units

    I'm looking for a good 1500 point list to use on an upcomming tourney.
    now Im not asking you guys to create a list for me but i need some help on which units are good in a 1000 point list (to check what ill have to buy before then)

    the units i have are:
    1 Phoenix lord maugan-ra
    1 farseer /w singing spear
    1 warlock /w singing spear
    6 howling banshees (inc 1 exarch /w mirrorswords)
    7 harlequins (inc 1 shadowseer and 1 troupemester, 2 fusion guns and 2 kisses)
    5 rangers
    11 guardians (inc magnetized heavy weapon platform, so I can switch heavy weapons)
    2 Jetbikes (inc shrieker jetbike) <--- i dont know why i bought 2 I think i just liked them if it turnes out im going to field 'em ill buy another 1
    5 dark reapers (inc exarch /w EML)

    please tell which of units i have are good to field at 1000 points, or which one I should buybefore the tourney.


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    As is the case in Eldar armies of almost any size you should seriously consider dire avengers. They are rock solid and quite versatile. I find I almost always start off an eldar army with two squads of these, and have yet to regret it. Guardians and rangers are not useless, but are in my opinion units you chose AFTER you have grabbed some dire avengers. Use guardians and rangers to add some extra spice to your army, but use dire avengers to be the backbone.

    I know you have not presented this as an army list, but for the sake of making my point it is easier to argue as if you had.

    Watch out for point sinks. 5 reapers with tricked out exarch sets you back a lot of points. Having two hq's in 1000 points is also a bit expensive. Maugan Ra, like guardians, is not useless, but I believe you could spend the points wiser. If you want a cc monster, then grab an Avatar. Maugan Ra is only semi effective at shooting stuff, and suffers from some weakness in cc (such as being killed by powerfists etc.). Your two HQ's and reapers will cost you about half your points, and that seems like too many eggs in too few baskets.

    Consider what you want out of a unit such as Maugan Ra. Is he going to shoot stuff to bits, or tear it apart in cc? Or is he intended as a combo? In all of these cases I believe you would be better served spending the points elsewhere.

    Were I to make a 1000 point army based primarily on the units you have I would certainly keep the Farseer, cannot go wrong with that. Banshees are good too. Harlies are ok, but require a more deft touch than banshees, so they generally speaking are more tricky to use. They do have a fearsome reputation in some circles, which might be an advantage. Having both of these squads might be overdoing it unless you wish to create a cc themed army.

    Reapers are excellent, although they can be very tough to position right. That is one reason why they work so well with Eldrad. For much the same reason it is often a good idea to pick the tempest launcher for the exarch. It means he can effectively engage units that are not within line of sight. This means that your initial placement of the reapers will not be quite as important, and that the opponent will have a much harder time staying out of their kill zone.

    I would leave the rangers out of the army. They are a bit too random and in 1000 points you cannot really afford having a unit that might not do much at all. Guardians with platform can be good. Cover is strong in this edition, so they are relatively easy to keep alive, and pointwise they are still cheap. Jetbikes are good, and still cheap enough to be realistic in this size army. If your remodelling kung fu is strong you could consider making a jetbike farseer or warlock. A singing spear on a jetbike is a very capable tank buster.

    For additional stuff I would look first to dire avengers as mentioned earlier. At least one squad with a bladestorm exarch would be great. It is hard to match them for the points. Even with a warlock or farseer on jetbike you do need some additional tank busting power. A wraithlord is an option, as are a squad of firedragons. A small squad of firedragons will generally do well in this kind of environment. They can bust tanks, and put some pressure on monstrous creatures that will otherwise be very troublesome for armies of this size.

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    Maugen Ra is a great melee unit he has I believe str 6 and it's a power weapon. With eternal warrior he can't be insta killed only down side is no Inv save. With his great WS and intiative he will force several inv saves before the other side has even tried to react. One of if not the best phoenix lord for his points.

    Having said all that I do think he would be a bit of over kill in a 1k list I would go with a cheap seer (doom is my favorite choice ) with your current models you will need to field the guardians and the rangers consider getting a DA squad or some more bikes to give you a more aggressive troop choice to get forward objectives. I'd say with what you have again go with the dark reapers and the harlies with VoT they will stay out of harms way while your gun line army keeps putting the pressure on and they can be a great counter charge unit. quick math in my head would show you still short a decent amount of points getting a deathjester in with the harlies would let them contribute to the gun lines shooting and/or throw Maugen Ra in with them as he will be safe from most shooting due to VoT and thier number of attacks can help clear out hidden powerfists quickly.

    Thats the best general list I could think of using mainly what you have. It would be short on AT and rather fragile but could throw out some painful shots at distance.
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