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    Kroot questons.. and possibly a rant

    Kroot... the only melee unit in the Tau list.

    Their role... Provide some asault power to a Tau army.

    Ok so... Playing static tau I usually stick my fire warriors in some nice multi-leveled ruins and let them fire out.
    I think about trying to put some Kroot on the bottom floor so that at least they will be able to charge anything that make it to the bottom level... low and behold though... they cant take any assault grenades so that they all assault with inn. 1 (completly ruining what I take them foor and also making their pretty hounds initiave USELESS!

    So.. I have choices.. I can either not play them period.. Or make sure that every time they assault they have first moved out of the cover they were in...

    WOW that really helps when marines come in the side and make it into the cover....

    The models even have grenades on their figure ...... WHAT GIVES.

    So they still are good if and only if:
    A. They come out of the cover in their move and assault something thats not in cover
    B. They fight something already tearing up a pack of fire warriors.

    Doesn't seem right that almost anything else in the game can take something that will stop the penality for assaulting through cover.... but the Tau's ONLY melee unit are left without.

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    despite being much more assaulty than their Tau brethren, the Kroot are still much better at shooting than assault. One of the big tricks with them if you want to get assaults off is to try to get some forests onto the table, since they don't have to take difficult terrain tests in them.
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    Kroot are not an assault unit. You have to load up on Kroot hounds to make them even halfway decent as an assault unit.

    What Kroot are is the best harassment unit in 40K. They can infiltrate, or they can outflank, they can hunker down in cover and cause trouble. And because they're super cheap, you can throw them away and/or use them as bait to set up the rest of your army. Point for point, they're the most efficient Troops unit in 40K. But you simply cannot expect them to perform as a dedicated assault unit. There are way too many other units that can kick the Kroot's butt for them to qualify in that category. But they can shoot decently, protect an objective in cover, cause a ruckus in your enemy's backfield, accept/initiate an assault to protect your more valuable battlesuits and fire warriors, etc.
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