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    Battle Report #3

    It's time for my 3rd Battle Report from the Ork Noob. This time when I went to my local Hobby store, I had the opportunity to play with a much larger, borrowed force. The head guy that runs/hosts the event was kind enough to let me borrow some of his Orks. So, he lugged in 3 Shoeboxes full of various Orks from both 40k and WHFB. Some models were broken and most weren't painted..but I wasn't was a great opportunity to try a variety of units without having to pay for them. (I also got to see what a lot of the older stuff looked like)

    The FORCES

    This is what I ran

    Warboss PK and Attack Squig 100 pts
    Warboss in Mega-armor 100 pts.

    12x Boyz incl Nob w/ PK in a Trukk 142 pts.
    12x Boyz incl Nob w/ PK in a Trukk 142 pts.
    12x Boyz in Trukk (warboss for PK) 107 pts.
    30x Slugga Footsloggas incl. Nob with PK 215 pts
    8x Cybork Nobz Incl. Painboy 230 pts
    Battle Wagon w. Riggers and RPJ 100 pts

    8x Kommandos 80 pts
    9x Lootas 135 pts

    Fast attack
    3x Koptas (in seperate units) w/ Rokkits 135 pts.

    3x Dreads w/ Rokkit and Big Shoota 270 pts

    Total 1756 ??

    I guess I was slightly over, but I probably made a mistake in my calculations since it was a last minute army deal and I was doing the math on a scrap sheet of paper. Regardless, my opponent was a pretty casual player and didn't care if the points were a bit off.

    At any rate he played Imperial Guard, and let me tell you...1750pt of IG makes for a huge amount of models on the table... I can't remember everything he had, because 1750 worth of Imperial guard a lot guys to keep track of...but I do remember some key units.

    3x Tanks, Leman Russ, Hellhound and something else that shot a nice large blast on the table.
    3x Walker units with Las-cannons (reminded me of the Star Wars Walker things)
    3x Artillery Las-cannon type guns (with a nasty Ap2)
    1x unit of Missile Launchers.
    1x Unit of Flamers....
    and then A bunch more



    So, he won First turn by rolling a 6. He deployed while I did last minute calculations and changes on my army. I'm glad it took him about 30min to get his troops set up so I didn't feel like he was waiting on me.

    Seeing all the tanks and firepower on the other side made me decide to keep everything in cover..or as close to Cover as I could. He was probably as new to the game as I was, so we made sure to give a pretty good overview of what the basic stats on all of our units (ie. Firing range, template weapons...etc)

    The Battle!!

    Since this was such a huge battle, I'm going to try and Minimize the details. All I can say is the whole game lasted about 3-4 hrs (we started at 8-9pm and finally left the place at Midnight...after some cleaning up and chat).

    1st Turn
    After about 30 min of shooting...including mutliple attempts to take my Battlewagon...I almost thought I wouldn't have anything left. Fortunately, the Casualties weren't too bad.
    1. Hellhound used a Flame template to take out a Kopta. I guess Hellhound's have a special rule that lets them place the template at any angle with 24" ??
    2. 1x Dredd got knocked out by a Lascannon type gun and a Loota got shot out of the Pine tree he was perched in.
    3. He managed to blow up one of my Trukks. Which WOULD Have Kareened almost 16 inches into his forces had it not hit terrain! I was soo excited to see that happen until I realized it got stopped by hindering terrain. It exploded on the spot, killing half the boyz inside and a few from the nearby mob of 30x Slugga Boyz.

    Finally, it was my turn. I moved a Deffkoptas into place to fire at the HellHounds Side Armor. I also had to move 2 Trukks around a large crater that blocked the shortest route between me and the enemy. Unfortunately, one of the Trukks got stuck in rocks surrounding the Crater.

    During the shooting phase, the Deffkopta rolled a hit, but failed to penetrate the tanks thick Hull. Fortunately, half of my Lootas could see the Tank and fired enough shots to leave the crew Shaken and Stirred (like a martini), which prevented it from Unleashing Fiery Death upon my squad of 30x slugga boys.

    2nd turn
    Despite taking out the Hellhound for a turn, the huge quantity of Imperium firepower continued to inflict casualties on the Ork forces. The Leman Russ attempted to derail the Battlewagon with a large Frag missile, the Wagon's armor took a heavy blow, but held true. A few moments later the Battlewagon took a penetrating hit from a Las Cannon fired by a Walker, causing the Battlewagon to explode and sending the Nobs and Warboss flying in all directions. Fortunately, the combination of Cybork bodies and the Painboy's tools spared all but one serious wound. A second Deffkopta was also shot down in a shrieking spiral of flames and smoke and remaining Tank sent a huge Frag missile at my Mob of 30x boyz and killed at least 8.

    The Orks, enraged by the loss of their comrades, launched into a chaotic Frenzy!! The last Trukk crashed into a pothole because the of the driver's reckless haste to accelerate into battle. Orks from both Trukks quickly disembarked and began to charge into Battle. Kommandos leaped from the bushes and advanced towards the Leman Russ and a nearby squad of Infantry. As the Battle ensued, several Ork Units fought amongst themselves, including the Kommandos..which resolved their fight and proceeded to assault the Leman Russ. The squad that disembarked from the wrecked Trukk, however, got into such a big dispute, they missed the assault did several other squads who misjudged the distance between themselves and the enemy.

    Despite a few miscalculations the Ork's assault was overall very successful. The Mob of 20 odd remaining Slugga boyz assaulted the Walkers and destroyed one of their weapons. The Kommandos and 6 Boyz from the Trukk that was blown to smithereens both assaulted tanks and managed to cause damage. The most fierce and bloody assault however, goes to the Warboss in Mega-armor and his group of Nobs. Not only did they manage to totally disable the Hellhound, but they also slaughtered a squad of nearby flame-weilding Guardsmen in one fell swoop.

    Third Turn.

    The Guardsmen continued to unleash heavy fire on the approaching Orks that had assaulted their tanks. Despite some losses of troops and the devastating destruction of their Tanks, the Guardsmen managed to whittle down most of the advancing horde to a few boyz and a Nob, probably less than 20% of their original numbers. The Walkers managed to hold a huge squad of Boyz, until a Nob came a-swinging with a giant Power KLaw. Two Walkers were crushed, and exploded in a fiery mess...taking several Boyz out with them. One squad of Boyz and a Nob fled the scene, but the remaining Orks, Warbosses and Nobs continued to advance into a final assault. The results were devastating to the Imperial Guard. but despite losses...they managed to hold their ground due to superior morale and leadership of the Imperial Commanders and grit determination of several remaining soldiers.

    In Conclusion

    To sum this up...It was a great battle. I think I would've won had I not rolled so poorly during Vehicle Terrain tests and low Running Rolls on the Waaauughh.. The IG player was also really lucky when making his leadership rolls and had the added benefit of nearby Baby-sitters (he even succcesfully rolled a 3 that was required for one squad to stay in battle)

    I have a few more things I want to say...but I'm dead tired and headed to bed. I hope everyone enjoys these reports...lemme know what you think!

    Last edited by Darkzephyr; January 16th, 2009 at 06:43.

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    So did anyone enjoy reading this or have any comments or opinions?

    I hope someone got some enjoyment out of this. I enjoy typing them as it gives me something to do when I'm slow at work, but it still takes a bit of time.

    Lastly, I was wondering if there was a particular style of Battle-report you guys prefer...

    1. The lush. descriptive, story-telling type, like Turn 2 and 3. (ie. The Orks charged headlong into battle and slaughtered a squad in a fevered bloodlust)

    2. The more straight-Facts, barebone battle report. ( I rolled X wounds, I declared my Waauuughh and rolled a 6 on running--rolled leadership..etc )

    3. OR as most of my battle reports are, a mix of both.

    Any other opinions are great, including if my reports are too long or a hassle to read...or perhaps just not interesting to you.

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