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    Big Mek, Deathskulls and lots of plastic

    After my marines burned alive I bought the AoBR box and hacked some of my fantasy orcs into 40k Orks thanks to the wonderful bits and kits site.
    So I bought a battlewaggon, gretchin and a big mek and various other things and have ended up with around 1300 points so far which hasn't cost me all that much but I have ended up with a reasonable amount of Lootas and Burnas which brings me to my question.

    My Big Mek with a KFF - should he ride along in the battlewaggon with the Burnas, protecting the battlewaggon as he goes and giving the Burnas (13 in total) a degree of survivability should they wipe out their target in close combat?
    Or should they not be in a battlewaggon at all and go with a looted waggon or trukk?

    Or should he sit at the back protecting my 9 Lootas who, along with a looted waggon, make up the entirety of my long ranged fire support?

    I'm going for a deathskull force which gives me plenty of scope for lootas, Burnas, meks, waggons etc which looks a little bit like this so far:

    AOBR Warboss

    Big Mek+KFF

    5 AOBR Nobs

    30 boyz

    3 deffkoptas

    13 Burnas

    9 Lootas


    Looted Predator

    20 Gretchin

    I'm going to salvage some more orcs to up my boyz numbers, maybe convert my boar chariot into a war buggy of some kind, I'm going to buy the new nobs box to fill out my nobs and I might buy another battlewaggon although another £35 is more than I'd like to spend (well, its far less than I'd like to spend, but more than I'm allowed to spend...silly gf wanting new curtains and things...)

    I was going to put my burnas and mek in one battlewaggon and my warboss and nobs in another with the rest of the army slogging up. It is the thought of only having the one battlewaggon as a transport which worries me as it will attract all the anti tank fire of the enemy - taking two 'almost' ensures one will make the second turn unscathed - but trukks are far cheaper in pounds and points, and I may even be able to hack together another looted waggon - so...

    I'm really looking for a bit of advice and the best use of a mek with KFF and the viability of a multi battlewaggon list in 2000 points.


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    First of all, welcome to the Orks! Have you checked out the topic in the Ork 2008 Index called 'the basics'? If not, I'd give it a look. A few people, myself included, put it together as a basic guide for new Ork players.

    I wouldn't worry about obscuring the Lootas. Just start the lootas in terrain, and the cover save they get from that will be better than the save from the KFF.

    Deffkoptas work best in units of 5, and I prefer big shootas rather than rokkits. Always outflank with them as well.

    You definitely need more boys, because as fun as burnas are, they can't claim objectives. I'd consider getting a trukk and running 3 vehicles: a trukk full of nobz, a battlewagon full of slugga boyz, and a looted wagon filled with burnas. I'd put the big mek with the KFF with the burnas (give him a bosspole, so they don't panic too quickly), and the warboss in either of the other two vehicles.

    If you only have the two vehicles, I'd run troop choices in both, and not use the burnas until you've got a third vehicle. If you're playing the 'capture and control' mission, then you'll have to get all the way to the other side of the field, and you probably won't make it unless you have plenty of troops in vehicles.

    In any case, the best thing you can probably do right now is probably get another AOBR set, or a third vehicle.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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