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    Need help to build up an army

    I don't play a lot and I haven't played 5th ed yet. I'm building a DE army and so far I have 60+ warriors, 2 raiders, 1 ravager, 5 jet bikes, 1 lord and 10 wyches

    Where do I go next I've got 5 warp bests but no handler. I want more raiders at lest 4 more what else should I look at. I'm most likely going to come up against every thing except necrons and IG

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    Scourge Lord Krovin-Rezh's Avatar
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    Hi z_man. I have a few helpful tips that I've picked up during my years doing this very same thing.

    With DE, there's not a lot of really good choices. You've got pretty much all of them for a standard kabal army. The only real way to expand your game is by changing how you play, not what you place on the table.

    If you don't yet know what you want to add, you'll have to try out the different types of units available until you do know. To save money, try proxying units like mandrakes, grotesques, incubi, haemonculi, or some of the special characters. It may seem cheap to play someone using the wrong models, but I promise you there were times when I wish I had done just that. If you have 60+ warriors with that small amount of support you probably know what I mean already.

    Anyway, give it a try. The other unit choices may not seem so hot, but just adding them to your games can make the DE a lot more fun and surprisingly more versatile to play. This will likely lead you to realize new possible strategies, and every good army list needs at least one good strategy behind it.

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    - Hellions
    - Scourges (unless you are really good with estimating ranges to take advantage of jetpack)
    - And to a lesser extent mandrakes

    Amazing units include

    I have a few of the beasts but never used them myself so I cant offer anything on them. As already posted, you have most of what you need just decide how you want to play them and go with it.

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