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    Adapting to 5th edition

    Alright I'm trying to shift into 5th edition from what was predominantly an army purchased to be Craftworld Ulthwe back when that meant something...

    I've got


    a smattering of heavy weapons I can interchange
    3 support weapon platforms and 3 D-cannons, 2 shadow weavers, and a vibro cannon I could switch between
    2 vypers
    1 falcon
    1 wave serpent (which was originally a falcon, and could be turned back. Plus now that GW actually makes wave serpents I'm noticing the home conversion doesn't look so good).
    40 Guardians with 2 heavy weapon platforms
    5 warlocks
    2 farseers
    6 scorps + 1 exarc

    Unpainted and unassembled
    16 more Guardians
    6 jetbikes

    So I'm wondering how to adapt to 5th edition and the new codex, both of which throw big wrenches in my old style.

    I don't have a lot of cash to throw around, so I couldn't purchase much, but maybe a few things.

    However I could change things like the weapon loadouts, wargear, vehicle upgrades, how units are put together, and psychic powers pretty easily.

    I could also do some conversion. Easy examples would be turning the wave serpent back into a falcon or using the Vypers as jetbike upgrades for the farseers (I like how that looks much better than the farseer having to sit down and do the driving).

    Trickier but doable would be turning the unpainted guardians into exarcless dire avengers (really the heads just need mohawks, that's all the difference used to be), or turning the unpainted jetbikes into shining spears.

    Any good ideas? If it matters I'd much much rather beat Space Marines and Chaos as opposed to any other army. With a focus on drop pod armies if possible. Not that that's all I face. I'd just rather wipe out a marine player and than lose to Guard, Ork, and Dark Eldar in a row than vice versa.

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    The joy of Eldar being that by asking this question your going to get 5-6 answers of play styles and they will all be true.

    I personally play a guardian/psycher heavy army, you have the solid guardian core already, now you just need the heavier support elements. Prisms, Wraithlords, Launcher War Walkers all of these give you a nice bit of ranged anti-tank, though in a pinch things like Falcons armed with Pulse and Lance can net you a slightly mobile 3x S8 shot weapon platform.

    Then you have to assume the enemy is going to get among you 40-50 farseer aided guardians can put up a hell of a shuriken wall but they really will get slapped in melee. think about bulking up the scorpions or if MEQ killing is your thing, investing in some Howling Banshee's to ride around in that Wave Serpent. They will serve as an aggressive response to melee threats or a counter charge should they get into your squishy guardian centre.
    "ask not the Eldar a question, for he will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know"

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