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    Need some Feedback on this crisis hq config

    Need some feedback on this build guys. Theory craft as much as you like

    I am running a Shas'o With:
    Fusion Blaster
    Plasma Rifle
    Missile Pod
    HW Multi-tracker
    Stim Inj.
    Total 134 pts

    I find myself questioning my own logic.
    First things first... #1 yea I know I can only fire two systems at a time and #2 yea I know that I can take a el with a TA and have the whole damn thing be cheaper if I just drop one weapon system.. but hear me out....

    Not only does this build come standard with bs 5 ... but it also has an extra wound which for an extra 25 points I see as great.

    I run three systems for many reasons. The biggest is most helios spend the first 2 turns firing only a single shot of plasma. I see this as a huge waste for a commander. For straight fireknife on a commander my problem is this... if I am going to have something with a plasma rifle then it pretty much has one job... marines... which overall the missiles don't do to well against.. This allows it to have that extra show of no armor saves.. and if I want missles for light armor I would just run normal suits as deathrains so that they can truly stay at range. This setup ensures that your command suit will have shots in almost any situation and be able to hurt literally all comers.

    Overall the ability to pick which two systems are A. in range, B. best suited for the troop or armor you are dealing with is amazing.

    It allows for the command suit to be a long range light armor threat, a marine killer, and if need be the final blow to any armor that comes close. Seems to me that this isn't that bad at all. Combining Helios and Fireknife seems as if it was a match made for the Shas'o.

    Ok I said my piece..... lets hear some opinions

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    Yes, the Sunfire (three different weapons + HWMT) is generally seen as a jack-of-all-trades, ready for any and all eventualities. That's the "problem" though: he isn't kitted out to do one single job.

    To get the best out of a Helios suit you are needing to be up close and personal, since that Fusion Blaster has such a short range. Fireknife is a good all-rounder: three shots at 24", 4 at 12", all usually wounding on a 2+. Granted that Marines will get their save against the Missile Pod shots, but you're wounding on a 2, thus pretty much guaranteeing two saves to be made (unless your dice hate you).

    What I tend to do with my commanders is decide what I want their purpose in life to be. Is he there for other purposes like Positional Relay? That means he gets TLMP, Stims and perhaps Shield Drones. Or is he there to boost general firepower value in an XV8 unit? Arm him as per the unit, perhaps taking one of the Special Issue weapons (AFP/CI. What about Leadership boost, to help those Broadsides? Again TLMP, DC+2 Drones (Marker and Shield?).

    With the new rules allowing an IC to be targeted if on his own, I find it more important to make sure he is attached to some friendly unit. Arming him accordingly is to me more logical than taking everything and hoping it will be useful!

    Just my two cents/pence/whatever currency. No doubt other folks will be along to give their suggestions.

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    I like it - it may not be the most efficient, but it is certainly versatile and fluffy. Personally, I find that choosing some things based on "coolness" is very satisfying as long as they aren't detrimental to the use of the unit or model. In this case, it increases the suit's effectiveness, and though it may not be perfectly efficient, it is not terribly inefficient either.

    However, I would get rid of the stimulant injector. Just my opinion - if he is going to die it is because of an instant killing high strength weapon, not because he loses a wound at a time to small arms fire. I think he could be kept safe with JSJ and cover saves in all cases. It is the lascannon that will kill him, and the stim injector doesn't help against that.
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