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    New Eldar Player, Several Questions

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been collecting models for a long time but have played very little. I enjoy the game but have had been primarily modeling and painting the Citadel lines and have only in the past couple of months actually started to play. I have five armies, IGuard (most played), Dark Eldar (played a little), Marine and Demonhunter (never played), and my Eldar which I have played twice as a shooter force and interestingly won both games. I think my IGuard mentality showed through a lot in those fights.

    So I've been studying the list a lot lately trying to figure out the best way to feild this Army. I have about $300 of models sitting at my FLGS to finish this force off (I should have them all this month) and then I will be able to feild anything in the main book in strength save Storm Guardians and Prisims. Here is the finished collection:

    4 Warlocks
    2 Farseers
    1 Autarch
    1 Avatar
    5 Wraithguard

    2 Wave Serpents
    1 Tempest
    6 Guardian’s on Jetbikes
    2 Wraithlords (one Fire support one CCombat configs)
    3 Vyper Jetbikes
    3 War Walker

    2 Heavy Weapons Platforms (D-Cannons)

    5x 10 man units of guardian’s each with a weapon platform
    20 Avengers (with 3 Aspect Warriors)
    8 Swooping Hawks, 1 Hawk Aspect Warrior
    5 Dark Reapers, 1 Reaper Aspect Warrior
    Troop of 5 Harlequins
    Death Jester
    10 Striking Scorpions, 2 Scorpion Aspect Warriors
    5 Fire Dragons, 1 Dragon Aspect Warrior
    10 Rangers (5 pathfinder models, 5 ranger models)
    4 Warp Spiders, 1 Spider Aspect Warrior
    7 Howling Banshees, 1 Banshee Aspect Warrior

    Now, the questions I have are many. Grenades... I noticed that the CC aspect warriors do not have any! Not giving Scorpions Plasma seems insane... Banshee's don't need them but thier 3 strength really makes me question thier worth even with thier power swords. How do you get around charging those valuable units that are more often than not hiding in cover?

    Swooping Hawks... they seem rather vulnerable. How are they best used against power armor armies which is mostly what I face at my FLGS? Same with Warp Spiders, the spiders have a nice high ST attack, but no armor pen at all. Do I just not use them?

    Psykers, in both my fights I've included a Farseer with both Doom and Guide, Spirit Stones are a no brainer of course. I have kept them close enough to my Walker Squadron to Guide them and (hopfully) doom thier target. Is there an optimal config for the Farseer and can I have more than on in an army?

    Warlocks... are they worth taking? If so it seems thier only decent ability is Conceal... am I being shortsighted? I see thier value in leading a Wraith unit to keep in in command so it doesn't have a chance of skipping a turn... but beyond that?

    One of the things that I have a hard time with (particuarly as I am used to playing IGuard when I do play) is how short ranged this army is. Heavy weapons have a shorter than typcial range, but not so bad that its been an issue, but standard weapons are often in the 1foot catagory, and most of this army is... well not CC oriented. My Dark Eldar army (which IS a CC army) ouranges my Eldar Army badly, whats the deal here?

    Harlequins... I just am kinda mystified on what to do with them. They sure look cool... but they are pricey and squishy. Even with invulerable saves it is only 5+. Thier characters do not get multiple wounds but price up very quickly and so all I can think to do with them is to put them into a wave serpent and charge them into CC range. But the Serpents don't have any special rules to let them charge into combat when they disembark... like a Land Raider does. So how do you get them to the enemy without them going poof?

    I have a ton more questions but this thread is getting long. Thank you beforehand to anyone who responds with advice.


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    Hi I'll try to answer some of the questions, keep in mind that these are my own opinions.

    Scorpions have grenades ( look in the army list entry ). Harlies ignore cover so under the new rules they arn't effected by assaulting into cover, also the shadow seer has grenades. Banshees mask ignores the negatives of assaulting into cover (still have to roll for the move though ). The only melee units we have that don't have grenades are shining spears, warlock councils and storm guardians. If it is a big deal for you the autarch has grenades and can be attached to any of those units also.

    Banshees fill a specialized roll, melee against units with very good armor saves. They also become far better with doom to reroll wounds ( great for balancing out that str of 3 ).

    You can have 2 farseers ( one for each HQ slot ). The build depends on what you want it to do. The guide/doom combo is used alot fortune is amazing if used on some units ( warlock councils would have a rerolling 4+ save this makes them very hard to kill ). Mind war and eldrich storm are used less but can have their uses.

    Warp spiders are a harrassment unit, with a high number of shots and high str they will cause alot of wounds. With the speed and second jump it will be very rare that they get caught in melee or if you are rolling well they might not even get shot at. The swooping hawks are much better against bad save armies the Yo Yo hawk can get several blast templates which will end up causing a decent number of wounds on hordes. Against marines I would use them to hunt tanks with their haywire grenades and add their shots to the over all volume of fire. They are a unit that many people do not like for their price because they preform poorly against MEQ armies.

    Eldar win by overwhelming sections of an enemy army at once. The short range of the weapons is the trade off for our high rates of fire and high str. It is possible to get well over 100 str 6 shots into an eldar army at 2k ( this might not be the most competitive but gives you an idea of the firepower we can bring to the table ). If used correctly an eldar force will gang up on one or two targets and kill them before the fact that they are next to the target is an issue.

    We do have our ranged units and they are extremely good at what they do. Dark reapers are some of the best anti infantry units in the game. depending on the exarchs build they can get 3 templates and 8 shots all at AP 3 with good BS. Warwalkers can be built to get 24 str 6 shots at 36".

    Warlocks add some leadership to guardian units and the powers can be quite nice. If you have cover for them then embolden will make them stick around when they get shot at. I run a mechanized army with destructor warlocks in wave serpents for the flamers. The witchblades and singing spears make a warlock a danger to any vehicle in the game and will generally get you a wound or two in melee.

    Harlies work by doing what you said, ride them up and drop them into melee the next round. Or get them a shadowseer and the Veil of Tears will keep them safe from most shooting until they get into range to move, fleet and charge. The Veil of Tears also makes them a good counter charge unit as the enemies longer ranged guns will be unable to target them while they wait for the opponents CC units to move forward. They are fragile and will die quickly but with kisses and a charge they are a really scary melee unit. Using them well takes time and practice.

    Well I think my post has turned into a nice wall of text, hopefully there is some good info in there for you and feel free to keep asking questions.
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