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Thread: Gimme Some Help

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    im a shooty space marine player looking to start a cc nid force. what, aside from the codex, should i get first?

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    a battleforce is a good step as it gives you around 4 troops choices and warriors that you can use as elites or HQ, though it is best to keep them for elites

    Get a Hive Tyrant and a Carnifex for some extra punch

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    At the moment, I'd put Tyranids on hold until the 4thEd Codex is out, probably late 2004 or early 2005.

    If You just have to start right now, then buy the 3rdEd Codex as cheap as You can... It's compatible with the new rules.

    Before getting any models, I suggest reading the codex through a few times, and then come up with a preliminary army list. Post it for feedback, change accordingly, post again, continue until You have an army list You feel comfortable with.

    Then start worrying about the models.

    But for starters, I usually suggest the following:

    Battleforce box:
    - 3 Warriors
    - 16 walking Gaunts
    - 16 Leaping Gaunts
    - 12 Genestealers
    - 3 Ripper Swarms

    Add a Tyrant, Carnifex and two additional boxes of Gaunts, and You can build a pretty basic, but still good 1000pt list.

    To round it up to 1500pts, I'd take Tyrant Guard (converted, dislike the models), Gargoyles (converted from Gaunts) and three Biovores with an assortment of Sporemines.

    The thing to remember is that all Tyranids can work... However, some are more effective than others, so it's ultimately up to You whether You want effectiveness taken to the max or include some slightly less effective units just because they're fun and You like them.
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