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Thread: Cityfighting DE

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    Senior Member krushkilldestroy's Avatar
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    Cityfighting DE

    I was just wondering that Dark Eldar would make quite a good cityfight army (in theory)

    - Fast movement
    - Lots of firepower
    - Good close combat
    - Large warrior squads

    How have your cityfights with DE been?

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    Scourge Lord Krovin-Rezh's Avatar
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    Absolutely, DE excel whenever there is abundant terrain. Warriors are extremely effective as they can fire a lot of shots on the move with Splinter Cannons and carry anti-armor weapons in the form of Blasters. Their on-the-move firepower is perfect for areas where LOS is limited by lots of buildings, and their main weakness (weak armor) is now a points savings when you're usually getting 4+ cover.

    I would use Raider Squads instead of large Warrior Squads, because the skimmers can ignore all of that difficult/impassable terrain and they'll have plenty of tall buildings for protection. That again gives you a points savings, since it doesn't matter what your armor value is if you're out of LOS or making good use of cover.

    Just watch out for every Dark Eldar's worst nightmare... FLAMERS!!!
    Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinkin' about 'em.

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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