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    Tools for the new warbosses

    Greetings my fellow Meks, Nobz, Bosses, and Runtherds;

    After looking at some of the topics that have come up over the last several weeks (and months) I was wondering if some of us older bosses might like to band together and walk through the new codex unit by unit and help direct each other on the subtleties that are the WAAAGGGHHH!!!!

    I would envision this as being an objective pros cons listing for each unit, and then a short-ish paragraph on how to combine this unit with the rest of a force.

    I want this to be more user friendly than "this unit sucks because...." due to the fact that each unit is in there because *somebody* liked it and there have to be some applications for them.

    Anyway, that's my two teeth about it. I am willing to head up the project but I would like to know who all would be interested in contributing. Shoot me a line and what you would like to do and I will try to get back to you about it.

    Happy rolling,

    Brian "TZ"

    Side note: acknowledging that there may be differing views/uses for a particular unit we might have a "the right hand says: the left hand says:" approach to those entries to adequately reflect our diverse community.

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    Unfortunately you can't find too much specific information/tacticas on orks on this website, I would recommend a more ork specific website such as as a great source for an beginning ork player (or ork players of any level of experience.)

    I've been playing orks for the past three editions, with a good amount of experience of the game/orks more specifically, but by no means am a master. I'll try to give you some of what I've learned that are general rules of thumb for an ork player (not that you shouldn't do what you truly want to do even if it contradicts the norm) that seem to work for most players:

    -Boys before toys
    I've heard this from many experienced ork players before me, and simply put, it means that a strong base of boys (your basic ork trooper) is almost a complete necessity for any ork army. In the current codex, ork boys have received a drastic decrease in points while elite troops such as nobs and burna boys have received relative increases in points. For X amount of points (a number you should know by browsing through your dex, and unfortunately is breaking the rules to say exactly) you can get an individually tough fighter with immense offensive power.

    Squads of boys can only be run in two primary ways: on foot in large mobs of 20+ orks to take advantage of a) the waaagh! rule that allows them to stay fearless until dipping below 11 models b) the large unit capsize that far exceeds most armies max (30 compared to 10-20 that most most troops have) and c) they can take an extra special weapon for every multiple of 10 they have (1 big shoota/rokkit launcha for 10 orks, 2 for 20, 3 for 30). OR mounted in wartrukks, an incredibly fast (yet very fragile) transport.

    Boys are point for point the most efficient thing in our army. Sure there are many things in warhammer 40k or even in our own army for that matter that could beat the snot out of a few boys. They are only supposed to represent untrained, green thugs (bloodthirsty and powerful untrained thugs for that matter) but are never to be underestimated in large numbers. Take advantage of this and make sure to never leave home without your army list comprising at least 40-50% of your list being boys.

    For that X amount of points, you can have a slugga boy that hits twice as hard as a space marine would on the charge (4 ws4 s4 attacks compared to 2) with one less initiative, for 2/5 the cost. A shoota boy statistically scores the same amount of hits at the same strength as a space marine (with ap6 compared to ap5, small difference in the long run) and can move and shoot at full range AND charge after doing so. This makes them practically better at shooting than space marines for, again, 2/5 the cost!! Take advantage of these guys!

    -Powerklaws, Powerklaws, Powerklaws.
    Orks don't have a large variety of ways to deal with the following things: heavily armored vehicles, monstrous creatures with high toughness and high armor, and infantry with 2+ armor saves. We generally have to pay a large amount for something that CAN fulfill these roles, but are often short ranged (big guns capable of doing this capping at 36" range, tankbustas capping at 24", boom wagons capping at 36", etc) and usually have other drawbacks such as random amount of shots or rules that affect how they can target/move (such as tankbustas, lootas or a shokk attack gun). The one thing... however, that can take care of all of these things RELIABLY, is available to many ork units including troops, and is well-protected with many, many boy meat-shields is..... you guessed it, POWERKLAWS.

    Every mob of boys should be lead by a nob with a powerklaw and a bosspole (an almost mandatory upgrade that costs less than one boy and allows a crucial re-roll to leadership at the potentially loss of a boy for when a boy mob gets critically low on numbers). The powerklaw gives the nob 4 ws4 s9 attacks on the charge. This enough power to reliably put 2 wounds (usually half) on most monstrous creatures, and gives a pretty good chance to penetrate ANY vehicle, even evil vehicles such as land raiders and monoliths.

    Many 40k armies are also made of a base of high armored troops, such as necrons, space marines (loyalists/chaos) and sisters of battle, so powerklaws are going to be a solid choice for even the most well-rounded of ork lists, not to mention they fulfill a desperately needed niche in the ork army.

    -Mechanized Ork Tips
    As primarily a mechanized ork list (or, more generally referred to, kult of speed, or, speed freaks), I can give a bit more specific information on these types of army lists. Trukk-based ork squads are much smaller than their foot-slogging counterpart, so are much more susceptible to suffering from leadership tests, or, just getting wiped out all together with the right weapons. They still should have the powerklaw nob hiding in the middle (those 4 powerklaw attacks are still a menace even when it's only 11 boys the enemy has to tear through before it gets to it), but can't reliably be used to take on most enemy units. Against non-combat units, such as imperial guardsman, tau firewarriors, or even small space marine units, trukk squads can put a beating on them and generally win, but against anything with decent combat ability you're asking a bit too much for one of these units. So, what you've really got to learn to master with mechanized orks is to learn how to effectively pull off combined assaults, in which you double (or even triple) team hard units and overwhelm them with attacks so that they can't strike back and cripple your small ork units.

    To counteract the fragility of trukks, again, run them in numbers if you are going to use them. I'd suggest against running an ork army list that splits it up evenly between trukk bound orks and foot slogging ones, although some players do it. Also, you must make use of terrain when available, as they will be your best friends. Upgrade all of your trukks with reinforced rams (which allows reroll of difficult terrain tests) so that if you have to make a desperate dash though thick cover to pull off a devestating charge, you can do so without crashing so much. Another good way of protecting your trukks is by running them behind stronger vehicles (such as battlewagons) OR having a big mek wielding a kustom force field (which gives nearby vehicles a 4+ cover save and surrounding infantry on foot a 5+ cover save) stow away in one of your trukks. I've found that to be quite the worthwhile investment. If it saves even one trukk in the list, it was worth the points by far, especially when you see that pissed off mob of orks crash into the enemies, soft, tender lines.

    This is all I can write for now, but i'll be sure to come back and give some more general tips when I have the time. Hope i've helped give you a good starting idea about how to play orks. Later.
    "...a swarm of mechanised locusts sweeping over the land, stripping it bare of resources, bringing death and destruction to anything that stands in its path. Emperor preserve us against the predations of these so-called Orkish cults of speed!" - Cardinal Nomura at the Conclave of Hessen

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