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    Help Me Build An Effective Necron Army List?

    Iím a fan of converting whole armies to a chosen theme of my own design and Iím currently working on my renegade Mechanicus robotic based army. It goes without saying that the Necrons are perfect for this theme which is why all my conversions are designed to represent certain Necron units.

    (Warrior, Lord, Immortal)

    Problem is my gaming club is full of tournament players and I would not like to see my newly converted army get beaten badly in every game.
    Because of the 5th edition rules Necrons arenít as easy to use effectively as they were in the previous edition, so rather than struggling to come up with an effective army and upload list after list I decided on a better solution.

    I would like to ask you Necron players to construct an effective 1500pt list for me using your experience of using Necrons in the new edition.

    The biggest problem I'm having is figuring out how to fit all the units in my army all fufill certain needs...

    More Than 2 Warrior Squads: For Capturing objectives.
    Immortals: Good boost to the phase out count and to support the warriors.
    Destroyers: Fast Long Range Support.
    Monolith: Powerhouse and the ablity to get the warriors out of danger.
    Tomb Spyder: Best against combat units and a great help for WBB rolls.
    Scarabs: Great for holding up characters before they hit your lines and contesting objectives.
    Heavy Destroyers The only real anti tank weapon.

    All these units need to be fitted into a working 1500pt army, I'm too far ahead with the armies development to just ditch so I really need some help here guys?

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    You're missing a HQ there, but there are tons of lists using what you need.
    3x 10 Warriors
    2x 3 Destroyers
    2x 5 Immortals
    6 scarab swarms w/DF
    1 Monoith
    Lord with Orb
    Tomb Spyder

    That should get you roughly 1500 points and a bread and butter unit.
    Yes, I did deep-strike your sister...
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    Well You've got a lot of elements your trying to jam into a medium sized points game. If this were another army you'd have less of a problem, trick is though, necrons are rather expensive. Personally you're going to have to just bite the bullet and leave a few units at home, or you could switch them around and figure out what you like to field.

    Also, you've been here long enough to post Army list threads in the proper forum

    I agree that having a trio of 10-man warrior squads is nice, it does, however, eat 1/3 of your points right off the bat, and you loose another chunk for your Necron lord. Between the warriors and a bsic kit lord (res-orb) you're almost halfway out of points for the rest of your army.

    I will always support Immortals and Destroyers (granted potential new codex) They are the true powerhouses of the necron army for shooting. However they DO fill a reasonably similar roll, so you must decide if you actually NEED both in your force. Do you want survivability or speed?

    Tomb Spyders and scarabs find a similar gap. Both are for keeping the other army's big nasty CC units out of your shooty units, or getting into the opponent's big nasty shooty units. If you field armies with many heavy weapon teams I suggest scarabs for their ability to tie up such squads. Tomb spyders are more useful for stalling heavy assault units, as they are tough enough to take the hits, and hit hard enough to take some of them down. Also Spyders pack a great wallop for finishing of gauss-suppressed vehicles.

    Heavy Destroyers are really only needed if you are facing heavy vehicle lists. There are only a couple vehicles that need that sort of firepower, (Leman Russ, Land Raiders mostly) Other tanks you can flank with destroyers and wipe off with side-armor shots.

    Monolith is apparently always great to have, I'll let others give their input here though.

    A 1.5k List that I'm looking at fielding soon is built as follows

    HQ: Lord, Orb, Veil - 200
    Elt: Immortals x10: 280
    Trp: Warriors 3x10 : 540
    FA: Destroyers 2x3 : 300
    FA: Scarabs : x5 : 60
    HS: Spyders X2 : 110
    Total: 1490 PO: 11

    Note that I filled up the list with a high number of elements, yet by keeping each element at an efficiently large number, lost the points to add MORE elements in. If you want to use every last model you've converted you're likely to have to play 1750pt-2kpt games.

    To fit all of what you want in is possible...however I believe you'd be stuck with smaller squads I'll take a shot.

    HQ: Lord, orb - 140
    Elt: Immortals x8 - 224
    Trp: Warriors 1x12 1x11 - 414
    FA: Destroyers x4 - 200
    FA: Scarabs x4 - 48
    HS: Tomb SPyders x2 -110
    HS: Monolith - 235
    HS: Heavy Destroyers x2 - 130
    Total: 1501 PO: 9

    That's about the best I can do with what you're looking at, if folks get picky you could drop a warrior for a 5th scarab to stay under 1500pts. I guess the list could work out, it's just that each element is more vulnerable (especially the destroyers). And it does include all the elements you want.

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    Well, i can't fit them all in, but...

    deciever (i want to see the conversion you'd make for this guy)
    necron lord, res orb
    3X10 warriors
    6 destroyers
    4 tomb spyders

    Not hugely inspired, but you don't have wraiths on the list.

    Still, this should make a solid list.
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