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    AOBR Balance with Orks

    Hey all,

    I just picked up AOBR to get the Mini Rulebook and it seems there may be quite a difference in strenth beteen the SM & Orks provided. Since I play Eldar I have no intentions of purchasing either the Ork or SM Codex just to use the models from AOBR. I know the SM points are correct from looking at their codex, but in the AOBR booklet it says the Ork warband is worth 450 points, but on this GW site it says theyre worth 525 points? Why is there this difference? It seems pretty significant but would bring both sides to approximately even.

    If they are worth 450, what box set would be the optimal choice to add for the Orks to make them equivalent to the SM force? I also have to consider that I won't have the Ork codex and will just use the statlines and weapons from the rulebook. Preferrably not another HQ either since 2 bosses leading 28 boyz seems pretty unreasonable.

    Please don't think I'm asking for point values or Ork units here, just looking for an extra selection to balance the 2.


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    Hey Astynax,

    Well I looked over the book that comes with AOBR and the points for the Orks in indeed 450 points, meaning you have 135 points to make up! Without the Ork Codex, it's pretty limiting on what to suggest getting to balance the two forces out, but there are a few upgrades you should immediately take to the current models that will help balance the two armies (unfortunately these upgrades require the Codex for a full explanation)

    1.) Upgrade one of the Boyz in the 20 Boy Squad to be a Nob with Power Klaw and a Bosspole

    2.) Give the Nobz Squad a Power Klaw, bosspole, Pain Boy and all the Nobz should get Cybork Bodies

    3.) Give the Warboss a Cybork Body

    Those 3 Unit upgrades make up the point difference exactly. If you are worried about "what you see is what you get" then it only requires purchasing a Pain Boy model, and getting two Nobz with Power Klaws. Everything else is good to go.

    If you're not interested in using anything BUT the rules currently available to you in the Black Reach Book and back of the 5th Edition rulebook then the easiest thing to do is simply get a second unit of 20 Boyz with 2 Big shootas for 130 points (leaves you with a 5 point surplus). If you do that, I don't think the 585 points of SM will stand a chance. That's just to many Boyz against the other list!

    Hope that helps,


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    Powerklaws and a Trukk for the Nob would help a lot, as would a grot bullet screen or more boyz.
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