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    universal or just orks

    a friend of mine just battle a marine player who used the special character shrek im not sure of his name. either way for those of you who dont know. shrek allows the entire army to use the fleet specail rule.

    i was under the impression, that models with jetpacks or on bikes are not allowed to use the specail rule being that they removed it from the orks. any direction is appreciated. to all responses please note a source so that i can confirm this. thanks in advance people

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    Its Shrike and yes he's horrible. Fleeting combat termys are not nice to face.

    Bikes cannot run and so can't fleet either p53, jump troops can run/fleet as they follow the same shooting phase rules as infantry p52, but they can only fleet with Shrike. Stormboys can't fleet because they don't have the waaagh rule, if there was an ork character like shrike that conferred the fleet rule to the army then they could fleet.

    Dreadnoughts can run, but the rule for Shrike only allows models with combat tactics to fleet, dreads don't have this so can't fleet. (This bit I'm 99% sure of but I don't have the current marine codex to check).

    I think that explains it
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