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    Considering my Options

    Been playing WH40k for a few months and I want to spice up my variety. I've been playing with my CSM army and was looking at other armies to see what caught my eye and so far the only thing that really calls to me would be Dark Eldar.

    But the fact that their 4th edition codex isn't out sort of turns me off. I guess it could be assumed that maybe they might be nerfed in comparison to other armies, maybe a few odd rules that aren't even in effect anymore due to the 5th edition rules. Anyone got any idea when the 4th Edition codex comes out (or at least rumors?) or perhaps some words to change my mind and join the Dark Eldar community?

    EDIT: Read post of rumors of when codex would come out, ignore that part of my post

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    Well we are into the 5th Ed of the rules now and are still waiting for a Codex revision but honestly you can pick up a cheap 'vintage' Dark Eldar army from EBay, tread water for maybe 10 months and then unleash hell when their new rules appear!

    The rules for them as they stand now are playable but take some interpreting to understand.

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    A good point someone made a while ago was:
    "Why are most of the questions on this forum rules based as opposed to other race's forums?"

    However funnily enough our 3rd ed codex makes more sense in 5th than it did in 4th.

    We are still not too underpowered, you just have to learn how to use what we have and what units not to take. We can still compete with the best of them however it is getting harder with each codex release (orks played right can be a nightmare).

    I say go for it, especially if you don't have to wait toooooo long (think the rest of us) for a new codex. You will get more fun out of it if you have one codex and are forced to change after a year anyway as you get the new codex euphoria.
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