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    A legend in my own mind.
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    Dark Eldar nerfed?

    I do not know if this has been covered, but how many people think that Dark Eldar are at a major disadvantage in 5th edition? You have had more than enough time to play and find out.

    If a Million Guardsmen die, that's a statistic. If one marine dies, that's a tragedy.

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    Scourge Lord Krovin-Rezh's Avatar
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    Hi, I've actually found them to be pretty good in 5th, despite having a lot of flaws inherent from going 10 years with only half-baked updates & FAQs.

    5th Pros:
    • 4+ cover for fast vehicles helps mask our paper plane transports until they've unloaded.
    • 4+ cover saves many a warrior that would normally have no save against bolter fire.
    • Horrorfex & Disintegrator are now great choices thanks to no partial hits for blast weapons.
    • Spearhead & Dawn of War deployment both give the advantage to our faster units.
    • Jetbikes get an extra 6" move after shooting, which is nice.
    • Disintegrators can fire S4 shots, which means they can count as defensive weapons.
    • More flexible rules for dedicated transports allows for more powerful gunboat tactics.

    5th Cons:
    • Our skimmers have to be moving to be hard to assault.
    • Cover reduces the viability of our long-range shooting, but that counts for most other armies.

    Any more? I can't think of them...

    We do still have other problems though:
    • Ten-year-old rules can be hard to figure out how to play correctly. Lots of questions, very few answers!
    • Codex creep & poor balancing makes 4-5 of our units obsolete, almost unusable.
    • Lots of wargear that used to be more useful before there was so many Fearless units.
    • Other armies are getting faster, especially with the advent of running. So the DE's advantage is lessened.
    • No dependable Deep Strike units (and WWP is too slow & dangerous to be competitive).

    Well, that's all I've got for now.

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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    Dark Eldar Gerbil Splata's Avatar
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    • No consolidation into other units means wyches get left high and dry more often. Especially with how combats are resolved faster.
    • Not many ways of playing our force

    Ravagers are massively powerful now and they tend to survive a little bit longer I find as lower str weapons ping off them a bit more. However aim a lascannon at them and you can pretty much wave goodbye to it.

    I am finding our army not as interesting with the webway portal not being really useful any more.

    I find the mission objectives quite good as we havequite good troops that I like taking, hence I have a lot more scoring units than the enemy making them less likely to all die. However if the game randomly goes to turn 7 I find I have almost nothing left on the board which is a bit of an issue as I can be facing a wipeout.
    Kill points are an issue with all our tranports.

    Over all I like the new edition and don't find us nerfed much compared to the old edition. Codex creep is really the big problem we face.
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    WWP and other Dark Eldar how to

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    Senior Member Kabbala's Avatar
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    I think Krovin summed things up pretty well. Overall I find the DE still very competitive. And the added bonus of having somewhat of a fear/unknown factor comes into play. Where I game most of the time, i am 1 of 2 DE players. Most of the other gamers have either never played DE or have learned to respect what they can do over the last 2 years.
    (WH40K) Dark Eldar - (12,000pts) Sisters of Battle - (5000pts) Dark Angels -(3500pts) (WHFB) Dark Elves - (10,000pts) Beastmen - (5000pts) Empire - (3000pts) Wood Elves - (1500pts)

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    Archite of Caerbannog KwiKwag's Avatar
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    I think you guys covered it mostly - for me its been mostly a "blow to the head" but I think the overall changes in the game were needed. So its like saying, "hurray! its about time" to "man, are we outdated".

    The big "cons" to me have been:

    *True-Line-of-Sight (wwp carriers are easily seen and destroyed)
    *New Consolidation rules (cc units get stranded in the open constantly)
    *Defenders counter-charge rule (can't "clip" a unit)
    *Troops being the only scoring units (its a good change for the game but drastic for DE).
    *Mechanized Armies are penalized with high kill-points.

    The big "pros" to me have been:

    *Passenger survivability
    *Shorter game length
    *Better missions and deployment setups
    *Transports being a "contesting unit"

    To sum up all the points and answer the original question, yes, I think as a whole we have been nerfed but mostly for the right reasons - we just need a new codex.
    "On a hunch, I melted them down and inhaled the fumes and read the dark eldar codex again, AND FOUND A BUNCH OF NEW RULES HIDDEN BEHIND THE OTHER WORDS..." [Gardeth on modelling & interpreting the DE Codex]

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    Senior Member andrewthotep's Avatar
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    My experience with DE in 5th ed hasn't been as happy, although I'm prepared to concede this is because I'm not getting half as much practice as I used to.

    * With changes to the vehicle damage tables, dark matter just doesn't sting like it used to. In general I need to allocate twice as many lances to a target to pop it.
    * All blast weapons scattering means my lousy scatter dice emasculate my ravagers.
    * Consolidation gone. Poor little wyches.
    * Kill points.
    * Kill points.
    * Kill points.

    * Lots of cover saves for troops.
    * True LOS.

    Codex creep is the biggest problem - for instance, apart from my ludicrously over-spent archon, I can't seem to find an effective cc unit any more - and even multiple units seem to go down to the new orks. So yeah, roll on 2017 and the new DE codex!

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    Member Gardeth's Avatar
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    Honestly I have to say that dark eldar have greatly benefited from 5th ed, at least in my experience. In 4th edition I was constantly frustrated at tournaments, placing 2nd-5th more times then I could count, but never taking first. In the short time that 5th has been around I have managed to place 1st in 3 seperate tournaments. Now true, I was forced to abandon the WWP army and move to a Raider Air Force style of play. But, from what I've witnessed, its the increased reliability of this playstyle thats done the trick.

    There are some things that have been hard to work around, especially the no consolidating into new units, but I have found a suitable replacement being massive multicharges (charging mulitple units with multiple units and tying the combats together, so while you are genearly left high and dry when you win you have just removed a sizable chunk of the enemy in the process)

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