So this past weekend I played 2 games, 1 vs Eldar and 1 vs Nids. I used 1 Boomwagon in both games. Against the Eldar the game lasted 6 turns, the Orks pressed dat once and on the last turn the Eldar only had 1 MC left, which was locked in CC. So the Boom fired 4 Shots. Against the Nids the game went all 7 turns, but they took the Boomwagon out on turn 5, so again it fire 4 times.

8 shots in all and I rolled only a single hit... yet out of the other 7 scatter rolls the blast scattered 3" or less on 5 of them! I rolled double 2's three times for a scatter of 2" and 2 of those times it worked to my advantage as it hit more guys, the 3rd time it hit the same amount.

It was quite amusing and felt it needed to be shared!