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    I Know Where the Best Fightin' Is...

    A number of times this forum has discussed Flash Gitz and their effectiveness and here is one more cheap attempt with them. Today I played a 1500 pt. dakka list (for giggles mostly) against my friend's chaos marines. Again, this was a gag list not meant to be effective but to set the stage:

    10 Lootas x2
    3 Trukks full of shoota boyz
    20 Shootas
    Killa Kan
    10 Flash Gitz
    -More Dakka

    ===Chaos Marines===
    2 Daemon Princes (Tzeentch & Nurgle)
    Chaos Marines - Rhino
    Khorne Berzerkers - Land Raider
    2 Defilers

    I skipped on listing most of the upgrades aside from the ones important to the story. Was a simple annihilation game where this list was obviously ineffective and well, dying. As far as strategy went both of us were fairly sound given the joke lists we decided to run, but it was just one of those nights (oh, and I had almost 1/3 of my army sunk into a largely worthless unit). I stayed neck and neck with him in kill points through the beginning of turn 3 but then his khorne berzerkers went nuts and rolled off the charts. Largely I was getting wiped out and around turn 4 all I had left was the Flash Gitz in a trukk they had "commandeered" from a unit of boyz (durr hurr). A Lascannon shot at it and blew up the trukk forcing the gitz to bail out only to be charged by the daemon prince of nurgle right away. After a couple turns of chopping away at my gitz they finally dragged him down. On the turn before they had been charged by the other daemon prince adding to the casualties. But then, on turn 6, after 3 game turns of CC and one daemon prince already they actually brought down the other one in one round of CC!

    I know, pick your jaws up off the floor and hear me out. Admittedly, the second daemon prince died on a fluke roll by my opponent. 5 wounds inflicted turned into the 3 wounds I needed to kill him (he already had one suffered from a stray battle cannon shot ^.^), and I actually rolled my invulnerables pretty well to stay in it. BUT STILL! 10 Flash Gitz killed 2 daemon Princes!!!

    So no they didn't earn their points back (about 420 if my late night math is correct), and I didn't win since he ripped me to shreds and wiped me off the board on turn 7. So no, I'm by no means advocating this unit (outside of joke lists like these).

    But I figured that when orks likes these fight some of the tuffest battles and win it should be shared around the orky kommunity! I hope you enjoyed it!

    Also, I think next week I'm gonna run a KFF, 2-3 loaded flash gitz units with one badrukk, minimum troops (gretchin), and the rest lootas just to see the look on my opponents face in a 2000 point game. If there's interest I'll post the tale here.

    Last edited by Zatnugg; March 11th, 2009 at 04:43.
    "Orks have to be followers of Nurgle! They're green, smell bad, and just want to spread the fun!"

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    well im interested in knowing how it will go

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    That's awesome! I love it when Orks, an already deadly army in CC, wins a CC when the logically shouldn't!

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