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    Army Special Rules

    I thought we might take a look at our army's three special rules for a second.

    Fleet of Foot
    This still quite relevant and works just fine (although a recent FAQ made some minor alterations). The only issue I see with it is that our models with good armor don't get the fleet, even though craftworlds get fleet models with 3+ armor. It seems that'll probably be one of the changes we'll see.

    Piratical Raiders
    The goal of this rule seems to be a way to prevent our extraordinarily vulnerable models from getting decimated before they have a turn to do anything. Sadly, it has little-to-no influence on today's game because all standard missions don't define attackers or defenders.

    Capturing Prisoners
    The goal of this rule appears to be to provide incentive for an army that can go on the offensive, and the damage caused would be able to help offset heavy losses in missions where losses are the difference between victory and defeat. The problem today, of course, is that victory points are never used to determine the outcomes of missions. VP are still there just in case you want to use them for bragging purposes, but that's the extent of it unless you create a custom mission that uses them.

    The only other use of this special rule is the Animus Vitae, but that piece of wargear could just as easily work if it had us roll a 4+ after any cc kill to see if we get the effect (again, the VP become pointless).

    Should these army special rules get phased out of the next codex, or should they be updated to fit in with 5th edition? How would these updates work?

    As a point of reference, just take a glance at the special rules for various other armies:

    Space Marines
    • ATSKNF
    • Combat Tactics
    • Combat Squads

    Eldar (integrated into unit entries)
    • Fleet of Foot
    • Exarch Powers

    • We'll be Back!
    • Phase Out

    • Waaagh!
    • Mob Rule!
    • Furious Charge

    Chaos Daemons
    • Fearless
    • Invulnerable!
    • Daemonic Assault

    • Hive Mind and Synapse Creatures
    • Instinctive Behavior
    • Move Through Cover
    • Living Ammunition
    • Spore Mine Clusters

    Tau Empire (integrated into armory)
    • Battlesuits
    • Drones
    • Markerlights

    There are a few more armies I haven't listed, but if you look at how much of a profound impact each of these rules has on the game, the DE army rules really pale in comparison. It'd be laughable if it weren't so sad.

    Thanks for reading!

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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    Excuse #745 for why we need an update. I do not see any unbeknown evil at lurk here to suggest that these rules won't be made viable for 5th Edition. I see it as a matter of the fluff behind the army themselves, and the range of fans they have. Space Marines have been ripped up and rebuild for years, while the DE and Necs have hardly attracted a glance. It is also fair to say that the Space Marines are vulnerable to change every now and then because they are, for lack of a better word, 'easy'.
    DE have a wide variety of supplements; it is as if GW looked at mastering the whole Eldar story first, and then putting together a rebellion side to the Eldar, hence how we came into being.
    Nevertheless, I am sure that our rules will remain steadfast, and we may even attain some new ones. As for modern times, I believe that our rules are a bit cheesy, but have uses. I have heard, in accordance with our 'Capturing Prisoners' rule, that instead of amalgating VP, we get KP instead. It sounds really good from our point of view, however, when you are the opposition (let's say Orks) , and there is a mean angry Archon with a full retinue chasing after a full squad of Boyz, well... prepare to go into fits of insanity when they catch them.
    Of course, whether or not this is true or is another matter, but remaining on point, I view these current rules as a way to outrun the enemy, while at the same time able to provide an incentive for getting Close Quarters with them and finishing them off.
    What I would like to see is the entire army being bestowed some form of the Hit and Run special, and not just our corny Hellions. Before any rules are played with, the DE need to get their priorities right with the units that are incorporated first.
    Anyway, that's what I have to say. Now I pass the baton to those who actually have a good idea.

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