At last I have my models back from my ex-wife!!!

I had forgotten how many raiders/ravagers I have.. and can now field my raider rush army again. Hell with my 2 forces combined I have enough to make any list possible short of all jetbikes and i'll be damned if I am not missing some wyches (only have about 20)

So, the question is.

I never fielded incubi before, was of the mentality... "don't put space marines in cardboard boxes" But now our raiders are much more survivable, and they can't fleet but they can run. So thats two of their glaring weaknesses mitigated, the question becomes. Are they worth it now, and how many is a good number? 9 is expensive, powerfull.. too powerfull its gonna chew the squad and always leave you to shooting..

Thoughts guys!

(and wooooooooooT!) Will post pics of my ravager later, its what I am re-painting the army in.