1000 and 1500pt eldar army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000 and 1500pt eldar army

    ok these are my ideas for my 1.5k and 1k eldar armies. I will mainly be playing against Space marines Chaos space marine, Necrons or tyranids and orks

    HQ-Farseer, Runes of witnessing,Spirit stones, Doom,Guide-130


    10 howling banshees exarch with mirrorswords and acrobatic- 237
    Wave serpent for banshees bright lance and shuriken cannon spirit stone-155

    5 wraithguard with warlock with destructor-210

    10 dire avengers exarch with pow wep and shimmershield-147

    5 pathfinders-120

    Heavy support
    5 dark reapers +exarch with tempest launcher and fast shot-237

    Fast attack
    warp spiders +exarch with poweblades + twin deathspinners and Surprise assault and withdraw-162

    The idea of this army is that the rangers and darkreapers sit in a building/objective and rain death with the farseer next to them. The dire avengers with asurmen advance taking out any light infantry with guns then asurmen killing any tougher units. The howling banshees wait till the enemy gets close then jumps to where they are needed hopefully with the enemy doomed to kill all. The warp spiders deep stike behind any light tanks the enemy has or weap infantry and kills them with their S^6 guns. If they get in combat they use withdraw. Wraithguard slowly advance and kill everything

    I also have 1 farseer,3warlocks 1 walker, 1 waveserpent 5 dark reapers, 15 dire avengers, 10 howling banshees 5 warp spiders, 5 wraithguard 5 rangers 10 guardians, and PLENTY OF GUNS

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    Eldar army list forum is there for a reason.

    How many warp spiders is it?

    And are you sure the points you're using on your wraithguard couldn't be used more efficiently elsewhere? I'd take out the wraithguard and a couple of upgrades off your wave serpent, and buy/borrow yourself a couple of Fire Prisms.

    Going with the models you already have, it's a good enough list.

    ~ L
    Last edited by Dream Thief; March 21st, 2009 at 18:25.

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