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    Sacramnto Contest of Champions

    Well my second tourney in 5th is done and I have to say it was a blast. There were 62 players all ranges of ages and sex. The tourney was run at Great Escape Games in Sacramento CA.

    There is a tournament every other month and in December they take everyones top 4 scores and decides who the over all winner is. The first tourney in Jan started at 1250. Each tournament after that will escalate by 250 pts. This following tourney was the second at 1500 pts. Point scoring is

    Win =15

    Tie =10

    loss =5

    With 5pts for completing secret objectives. That you choose before the game. A list of 6.

    My army on Saturday was this.


    Autarch on Jetbike Laser lance


    10 Dire avengers in a wave serp. Bladestorm & dire sword

    wave Serp had Stat cannons. Spirit stones

    10 Dire avengers in a wave serp. Bladestorm and shimmershield

    wave Serp had Stat cannons. Spirit Stones

    Guardian storm Squad 10 W/ Warlok Enhance & witchblade

    Wave Serp. Brightlance and spirit stones


    Fire Dragons (5) w/Exarch Firepike


    Viper Squadron (3) w Scatter lasers

    Viper Squadron (2) w Bright Lances

    1500 even.

    Round 1 Necrons Encounter Mission



    20 Warriors

    8 immortals

    5 destroyers

    2 Heavy Destroyers


    Guy was nice enough. When he started pulling his models out of the case I was stunned. First thing out was a creature that I had never seen before. He explained that it was a Deciver. basically a necron god. Now I have NEVER betten necrons. Since their intoduction into 40k. My dice have always kicked me in the fork.

    Well my plan was to try and phase him out. The magic number was 8 today. (all hail Khorne) Well the special rule from the Deciver was you can reposition a unit. On a 4up you can reposition annother one. After he moved 5 out of 7 units the game started.

    Note to self and everyone. Gauss weapons SUCK. Lost 2 vipers in the first fireing phase. 2 wave serps couldent shoot. (Thanks spirit stones.) The deciver chased mt Autarch trying to make him run in fear. Backed up my entire army. moved my lord away from the deciver and began to focus on his troops.

    He did not kill annother thing after the vipers. Phase out happend at the bottom of turn 3. My scatter lasers killing 8 models without annother necron within 6 inches.

    20 pts. w/ secret objective. (killig his most expensive unit)

    Round 2 Tyranids Encounter To the Death.

    What can I say about her. A very nice girl that was the best in her gaming Meta. Not even bad looking for a gamer girl. At first glance she was running geensteeler army. Was I wrong. She didnt really know the rules. In retrospect I am not sure if she was trying to cheat me or trying to use the female wiles on me. she measured wrong, did events in the wrong order. It was a mess. I would have complaned but by the time she got her turn one it didnt matter.


    Hive tyrant 193 pts

    Hive tyrant 180 pts

    1 lictor

    3 Genesteelers units of 8

    1 Ravener

    1 Zoanthrope

    1 biovore brood of 2

    Holy crap. As I am looking at her list. it says a total of 1514 points. Wow

    Turn 1

    Death of 2 hive tyrants and 8 genesteelers. I set my Wave serp guardians just to the right of the middle of the board. The rest of my army was on theback board edge on my right side. I dictated her set up on the left. Backing everything up and moving to my left 2 tyrants and a unit of steelers died. Her biovores bounced off my tanks. Thats all she did except come closer.

    Turn 2

    was bad for her. She forgot her reserves I moved left dropped the bivores and annother unit of Steelers. She has no Shooting phase now. She begged me to drop a unit out of a tank. But I gracefully declined. I beleve my words were. You will have to pry me out with a can opener.

    Turn 3

    This is where the game went bad. He boyfriend had started making comments to me and giving me the stink eye. So I flirted with her just to annoy him. While she was moving the reamins of her army forward she knocekd her hive tyrant off the board. it shattered down to its component pieces. She yet again forgot her reserves. I told her to roll for them even though we had passed that point. Agreeing she went to shooting. I figured she was just letting them go.

    She used her warp blast from the Zoanthrope. Telling me it was Str 10 I didn't have the heart to tell her it was reduced to Str 8 on the Wave Serps. She rolled a 3. Shouted YAY! I got In! Rolled a 6 and my wave serpent blew up. No big deal. I dropped out a unit of dire avengers. I looked at my friend and silently let him know I did not forget the Rules as she THEN rolled for her reserves. Dropped a lictor next to my Dire Avengers and her Ravener scatterd off the table and was destroyed. Needless to say the lictor won combat. I broke and ran off the board. My return fire finished her last two models.

    a 20 Point win again. Secret objective was to keep my HQ alive.

    Round 3 Chaos Undivided Mission: Nightfall

    Special rules. Nightfall happend in turn 3. So 2 turns of shooting WHOOT!


    Daemon prince make of slaanesh


    Chaos Space marines in Rhino

    Chaos space marines in Rhino

    7 berzerkers in Rhino


    5 chosen in rhino



    2 obliterators

    Predator autocannons heavy bolters Tl havoc launcher

    Turn 1

    My tape measure broke, I dropped all my dice. I spilled my water and my cell phone wouldent stop making noise. I never recovered... I had no losses to enemy fire. I did how ever broke a viper that was in reserve. Water bottle Ordinance

    Turn 2

    My entire army came on the board due to my +1 from my Autarch. (the only thing he did the entire day) I blew up a CSM Rhino and killed the whole unit with following fire. He had a unit of outflanking Chosen come onto the board and sit on the marker.

    Turn 3

    I moved twards the marker in my corner. Fireing on the rhino with everything. Shaken not stirred Rhino was still there. He had no shooting sure to Night fight.

    Turn 4

    Moved almost all my army all out to get there. fired 3 twinlinked brightlances at afore mentioned James Bond Rhino Did nothing.

    Turn 5

    moved deployed Fire dragons fired everything on my army at the Rhino and did nothing again. Yet again Shaken not stirred. Fire Dragons finally poped Rhino. I was 6 inches from the marker. he was on it.

    Roll of 1 ended the game. I lost. I had taken no casualties. It was just my dice. A little mistake and a 1 on the roll to end the game.

    5 point loss. no scret objective. (Kill his HQ)

    All in all I placed 10th out of 62. I got docked a little on comp due to my high number of equipment with an armor value.

    paint 20 Max

    Comp 17

    Sport 32 Two of the people I played voted me favorite opponent.

    Battle 45

    113 total points Tied for 8th with two others.

    I had a blast. one valuable lesson. Autarch's on bikes = Garbage. I wont do that again. Dire avengers are nice but really need a farseer to doom the unit before bladestorm. Vipers die easy BUT normally pay for themselves.

    I missed my banshees and Warp Spiders.

    Have a good night. Sorry this was so long. If anyone has questions ask away. I will answer them all


    ---------- Post added at 19:45 ---------- Previous post was at 19:42 ----------

    The above report looks all choppy. It wasnt typed up that way and I can not fix it for some reason.


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    Congrats on the games, to bad for the rhino funny how durable those stupid things are some days. I'm suprised your bike autarch didn't meet a grim end at the end of a few high str weapons. How did the brightlance vypers fare? They have always been too expensive for me. I generally put the AT weapons on the waveserpents or on wraithlords, so found it odd that the vypers have them when there was wave serpents that could still have been upgraded with them.

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    I felt limited by the Bright lance vipers. I like multipul shots. The scatter laser vipers were by far the MVP's of the day.
    The one game I did have armor to worry about the BL vipers nor the Wave Serps could punch through. I don't think I will run those again.

    My missile launcher on the wave serpent was garbage. I can't even guess how many times it failed (even twin linked) to hit or wound.


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