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    Thinking About It...

    So I've been playing CSM for a while and I love them, but I tend to get bored just playing 1 army so I took a glance at Dark Eldar, found some great deals in eBay and whatnot but I don't know if I will end up wasting my money on buying Dark Eldar.

    I would really want to know how DE fare against Eldar, Orks, Smurfs, Necrons and Tyrannids... Or maybe even some tactics on how to get around them. Anything that would help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, the DE forum can give you lots of ideas as to how they fare against the other armies. Personally, we fare very well.

    I would suggest playing a few games proxying models you have for the DE, that way you can get an idea of how they play before you invest in them too much. Of course, you'd still need access to the codex to help out. Or maybe you know someone who plays the DE and can use their codex and minis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExpansionRod View Post
    Or maybe even some tactics...........

    Check out the Sticky Threads at the top of this forum first.

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    I don't know how buying Dark Eldar would be a waste of money if you are interested in a less boring play style. They are one of the most fun armies to play IMO because of their ability to dictate how & where the action happens. The only thing to worry about is a rather steep learning curve, particularly if you are used to CSM. But since you are bored with games being that easy, I figure you're probably up to the challenge.

    Here are some quick thoughts on my experience with the armies you mentioned:

    Eldar are a tough opponent any way you slice it. They are almost as fast as us, and we can't use our initiative either. We're still better in close combat with our characters, but their shooting is unreal. Try to swarm with so many targets that they can't deal with them all.

    Orks are not all that difficult for us, especially if they don't take transports because we can just make a quick exit if they try to assault. The toughest list I've faced is pure battlewagons & trucks filled with boyz & nobs w/ claws. With that list, you have to punch a hole in their fast vehicles before they get too close and cut off your exit routes.

    Smurfs are pretty basic. Our Ravagers make short work of them, as do our awesome CC characters. Dark Lances are great at popping Land Raiders unless you face a Black Templar player who uses Blessed Hull. LRs are pretty much toast on my first turn of shooting, and it totally ruins a SM player's day!

    Necrons are tougher. DE have pure offense and little defense, so having enemies come back after you kill them is not conducive to their game plan. We also have no good way to destroy their Monoliths, so they must be avoided instead. Our high initiative does help us use sweeping advance against them however, which gives us a good chance to cause a phase out as quickly as possible.

    Tyranids we can again use our speed against, although they are capable of better shooting than Orks. So we can take out Tyrants, Carnifexes, and Zoanthropes with Disintegrators, DLs, and Agonisers. Disintegrators are also great for horde kills, and Splinter Cannons certainly help too, but our best weapons for that are Haemonculi with destructors.

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    If it is in power armour DE will probably annihilate it (even a lash chaos list will struggle to even the odds against a typical DE force).

    Necrons typically get eaten alive, though dealing with the monolith is virtually impossible. they are a funny bunch, horde lists pose a serious problem but MC's and genestealers are dark lance and disintegrator bait respectively.

    Orks can also be difficult to deal with, though the green horde becomes its own enemy given the mobility of DE ("divide and conquer").

    Now DE verus eldar - that is a matchup that is fantastic. Eldar lsits typically are the polar opposite of DE lists, eldar have fast armoured units with reasonably tough infantry that specialsie whereas DE are fast, lightly armoured, but pack one hell of a punch and do not rely on specialised infantry. A mixed eldar list can be a reall problem to dismantle, but in the same vein the second the eldar player exposes anything chances are it will die.

    Some of the extreme eldarl ists (notably Iyanden and Siam Hann) skew that quite badly one way or another (i've yet to see an Iyanden army get past turn 3 against DE).

    Overall DE is a powerful force, but has some dodgy matchups against some of the non marine forces in the game.

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