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    Can Normal models screen Zoes?

    Since things are "Direct line of sight" and the majority of the zoan model is floating on the field, above most normal sized models, would gaunts or any other normal sized model provide cover save when being fired through?

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    Yes, intervening models do provide a cover save to a zoanthrope.

    From pg, 21 of the rule book, under "When are models in cover?": "When any part of the target model’s obscured from the point of view of the firer, the target model is in cover." (my emphasis).

    Next paragraph says that you treat intervening models as if they are intervening terrain. While the zoanthrope is large, it's still considered infantry and therefore follows the standard infantry cover saves.

    The only exception to this if this firer is so tall (or is on a piece of terrain) that LoS to the body of the zoanthrope is not obstructed at all by the intervening models.
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