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    Question(s) on Necron

    1. When do necrons get an upgrade (codex, models, etc.)?

    I was just wondering because I was thinking of starting a necron army but I wasn't too sure on whether to get them yet or not.

    2. What is their main tactics and what do they do exactly in combat?

    3. Are they a fun army or do they get boring because of lack of customization w/ lists and models?

    Thanks in advance

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    1) There are no rumours as of yet. Armies such as Imperial Guard (now), Space Wolves and Dark Eldar are rumoured to be released before Necrons. Keep an eye out on the Rumours & Previews forum for any information about new releases.

    2) Necrons are typically a very shooty army. Their basic units are extremely durable, with above average toughness, a solid armour save, and the We'll Be Back special rule. They (usually) lack a little in close combat, since most of their best units are geared towards the shooting phase, but it is still possible to design a more close combat oriented army.

    3) Necrons, like any army, are as fun as you make them. Do you enjoy painting and modeling? The simplicity of Necron models attracts me, it's fun to paint them IMO. As far as list composition, there are a variety of different lists that you can design, and I feel that, while the choices in the codex are limited, you can come up with a wide variety of alternative compositions to keep the force fresh and fun.

    Hope this helps!

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