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Thread: Seeding Swarm

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    I used to play 'Nids when I first started playing 40k, a few years ago now. Recently, I have decided to compose a seeding swarm but am very uncertain as to what to field. Obviously I need a tyrant etc, but what exactly would the ideal 2000pt seeding swarm contain?

    I am severely doubting the 'fex's abiltiy, especially under the new sweeping advance rules. I am also very pressed for Heavy Support choices as I love the idea of without number broods. Would it be detrimental to include two broods of WON 'stealers and 1 maxed out brood of 11pt gaunts instead (no movement modes, just upgrades)?

    Would it be 'unfluffy' or 'cheesy' (even though I believe in neither) to include almost excusively 'stealers, with the tyrant and a few warriors, because I personally don't see much value in gaunts when used in a seeding swarm?

    P.S. I am aiming to field an almost pure CC army, so other than warp blast I would like to keep ranged bio-weapons to a minimum.


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    Originally posted by Demonbane@Aug 5 2004, 19:55
    P.S. I am aiming to field an almost pure CC army, so other than warp blast I would like to keep ranged bio-weapons to a minimum.
    --- Well, this is the problem... Shooting Tyranids are at their best in Seeding Swarms, where they appear next to the enemy and unload their ranged bioweapons, whereas CC units just stand around looking stupid and getting shot. Assuming worst case scenario, scattering out of cover...

    As You can probably tell, my personal preference is Toxinspinegaunts...

    They have ok St, can even glance the rear of most vehicles, and are still cheap enough to field en masse.

    Your SS-list can work without them, no question about it so feel free to ignore my rants on Gaunts, unless I specifically point out why some particular CC Gaunt configuration won't be that good.

    As for "Only Warp Blasts", I have to say that Carnifexes should also have ranged Bioweapons... Not necessary in SS lists, but can prove very useful. Besides, do not forget that 2ndEd BioPlasma had a range equal to the current VCannon, so a ranged Carnifex is not unfluffy.

    As for using large amounts of 'Stealers, I don't really see that as either unfluffy (shock troops, excellent choice) or cheesy (they still cost a lot, and they're still rather fragile).
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